The Face of WAKO Team USA Kickboxing, “Karie with a K” or “The STORM”, KJ Kordick will make her appearance for the first time with WAKO in Des Moines. KJ will be covering the November 9th WAKO/Global Cagefighting Championship K1 Kickboxing event at the Val air Ballroom in Des Moines. WAKO goes everywhere, so does she, it will be a great honor to get her to our great state of Iowa.

Kordick early on, was a top athlete until the late 80’s. A Gold Medalist in Basketball at the Jr. Olympics as a youth (girls).

One of first to compete on boys teams in Illinois, at a time period when it was unheard of. Kordick didn’t have much choice as she completely dominated the Illinois girls teams, and had to compete with the boys.

KJ, full of energy, has a rich tradition in broadcasting 3 generations deep. Kordick grew up in broadcasting from a early age, combined with those basketball successes, and her family’s involvement in media is how her leadership qualities began. Her grandfather an award winning Presidential and Official Chicago White Sox photographer. Her father, a pioneer of early Chicago television, went on to work for FOX, now a freelancer with other top TV networks. Karie with a “K”, is also the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems spokeswoman, Host with Tribe 3 Productions, Commentator for Ogitchida Fight Productions, and Director of Media with WAKO TEAM USA. Kordick has close ties with WAKO Fighter Omer Boyd 2017 WAKO TEAM USA FIGHTER of the YEAR, also 2017 Bronze Medalist, and greatly supports him in his outside fighting ventures such as GLORY. WAKO fighters Nate Richardson and Boyd, both will be completing on the Glory 61-New York card Friday night. (both pictured at the WAKO TEAM USA training camp)

The Storm, recently appeared in a live interview on Facebook’s ‘MMA Power Hour’ season 3: episode 21 (Aug 22nd), with hosts Adam Rooda, and Colin Crandall, to discuss her latest projects. You can find/follow her on Facebook, WAKO TEAM USA-IOWA, and WAKO TEAM USA Kickboxing pages.

KJ will be doing live interviews/media in Des Moines, during the final days leading up to this event. “The STORM” will quickly get you feeling prepped, juiced up, connected, and ready to watch some clean, all stand up action including youth /adult competitors. WAKO is a major organization, so lets make her & WAKO feel very welcome!

Note: Event is kid friendly, with youth card first, adult card 2nd.

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Article By Cameron Chrisp FightBookMMA/IowaBeatDown/MMA Power Hour

Image Credit: WAKO

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