Kickboxing Results

Kickboxing Results

By: Cameron Chrisp

Event Date: Feb. 24,2018

Location: West Des Moines, Ia

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(Val Air Ballroom)

Charity Kickboxing Event in an effort to gain gently used youth shoe donations for children in Nicaragua, Brian Green a former 4x Pro MMA Champion, and Coach, led this cause Those who donated received a $5 discount on admission price.

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1) Alex Courtney ( WINNER via decision) vs Ty Spyder

This one started off early with and maintained a bout style with what seemed consistent strikes by Courtney, followed up by 360’s consistently, Courtney, I assumed, had a little karate experience.

2) Luis Palmares vs Raj Rai (WINNER via decision) both fighters displayed good skill, in a tough back n forth, w a lot of kicks involved. Ultimately, I felt it was Raj Rai’s great kicks, that gave him the edge in this one. Both fighters performed very well.

3) David Keller vs Joe Tully ( WINNER stoppage/tko) This one a heavyweight bout, which played out as Tully appeared to be much more graceful, as the fight wore on. Tully seemed to have the better pace, and took over in this bout, as it closed.

Tully: “As a teen I trained at a couple local gyms, MMA and Karate, since, I’ve been self-taught. My dad, and uncle both (former Ammy) boxers, and my mom and boxing fan, We never missed a match. I train alone, with the help of 2nd degree Black Belt-Jason Brooks, I workout in my garage, where I have mirrors, and a heavy bag.” Though, Joe hadn’t fought for a many years, Joe went on to add, that he planned to rematch Saturday nights opponent, but the second bout will be in a cage. Tully: “We both plan on training for the cage fight. After that we’ll see what happens. I’ve fallen in love with fighting all over again. Currently, I am actively seeking to open a small gym & ministry, for Youth.”

4) Alex Hunt vs Zechariah Heller (WINNER decision) Great back n forth technical striking with Hunt starting out strong, eventually fading some, Heller took the lead in the last half of this one, to take the win

Hunt: “I train out of Ottumwa Fight Club (Iowa)

5) ___________ vs Peter John Duoc (WINNER tko)

Duoc: “ this was a great experience for me, to get into the ring, and just do my best. I had fun, and I learned a lot.”

6) Jake Clark vs NO SHOW

7) Chris Kingery vs Long Le

8) Bryce Ludwig vs Chris Baugh (WINNER)

9) -CO-MAIN​- Ethan Dowden (WINNER via ko) vs Timothy Patterson

This one skipped the feeling out process as Patterson shot out of the gates throwing, and landing some heavy shots, in which I believed Patterson to have the upper hand, as I felt this one was appearing lopsided when out of nowhere Dowden lands his vicious 2, laying Patterson out cold on the mat, as everyone looked back n forth at each other, I assume caught off guard. I know I was.

Dowden: “There wasn’t much to it in my opinion. I took this fight on 14 days notice after my first Fight Feb 9th. I didn’t know much about the guy, besides that he was left-handed, and liked to pepper the body with kicks so I’ve been working blocking kicks to the head and body, at Porcelli’s (Porcelli’s Training Center aka DM MMA Academy). Our game plan was to get him out of there early, and catch him with a 1-3-2 combo that I was working on, and the 2, landed super hard, and put his lights out clean.”

10) -MAIN EVENT​- Cody Sheehy (WINNER via decision) vs Josiah Oppman

A tough technical striking back n forth, Main Event that was evenly matched. This fight had you respecting the power of both these fighters, as many times u could hear heavy leather landing, with both fighters unwilling to back down. This one was very close, and either fighter could’ve won this decision, in my opinion.

Sheehy: “ I don’t get as nervous for kickboxing shows as I tend to, for MMA. But…Josiah was the first person to beat me in a cage, so it added some excitement to the mix. Going into the fight, I knew Josiah had been working a lot of stand up, since his return. I planned to use the first round to feel him out and see how he reacted. He ended up landing a heavy kick to my liver, that rattled me Pretty good, I knew I had to step it up. The 2nd and 3rd, I picked up the pace. I was able to close distance, setting up some good strikes, while making some adjustments on things I was getting countered on. I wanted to thanks to my GYM SkrapeTactics (Perry, Iowa) & sponsors Insanity FightWear, Murders Bar, Elite Glass & Metal, SkrapTactics GYM (Perry, Iowa) and Hulgan Plumbing.”

Porcelli’s fighters went 4-1 on the night. Brian Green is also a coach at Porcelli’s Training Center with owner and coach Anthony Porcelli . Porcelli youth wrestling programs are very well-known throughout the area. Contact Anthony/Brian for your private, class, or small group sessions. Both coaches have Facebook accounts where you can reach them, plus Porcelli’s Training Center Facebook Page.

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