This week on Sitting Ringside: CEO of Caged Steel Dominic Gibbs

FightBook MMA’s Podcast Sitting Ringside Episode #46 streamed LIVE on the FITE Network and on our YouTube channel on Thursday, May 21st at 7 p.m. MT and you can watch the video replay in the video above. Please subscribe to our channel and hit the thumbs up. Sitting Ringside is hosted by CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa and our Co-Hosts Arlow Jumper, David Rodriguez, and Quarantine Co-host David Potter. This show is produced by President of FightBook MMA and Producer of FightBook MMA Productions Rudy Lara. In this episode, we talked to CEO of Caged Steel Dominic Gibbs to talk about his promotion, our partnership with them, his favorite MMA fighter and Boxer and what to expect at Caged Steel 25.

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