Title defense announced in a co-main attraction for CES 49

Chris Curtis (17-5) defends his

CES welterweight championship against

Jason Norwood (18-4)

in the co-main event of

CES 49 on April 6 at

Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I.,


Lincoln, R.I. (Tue, February 27, 2018)– CES 49 will take place on Friday April 6, 2018 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I. The main card will air LIVE on AXS TV Fights.

The promotion announced today that Chris “The Action Man” Curtis will defend his CES MMA Welterweight Championship belt against title challenger Jason “G.I.” Norwood.

Riding high with four straight impressive victories, Curtis is attempting to become the first fighter in CES MMA history to successfully defend their title twice. But the dynamic Team Quest fighter would like to do more than make New England MMA history when he returns to Twin River Casino.

“I’m here to put on a show. I’m trying to build my brand and I want that brand to be action and violence. The fans love to see two guys who know what they’re doing and Jason Norwood and I have both been in this game a long time,” says Curtis, who’s won seven of his past eight bouts.

“At the end of the day, this is my belt — I won’t give it up,” he adds. “I expect Jason to come and fight his ass off, but I’m taking my belt home with me. I don’t care If I have to knock him out or strangle him to do it.”

Jason Norwood, meanwhile, makes his CES debut after more than 10 years of professional fighting experience, most recently scoring a win over UFC vet Carlo Prater in September.

“Chris is a boxer — a better boxer than I am, without a doubt — but I don’t think he’s a better kickboxer than I am, or a better grappler than I am,” Norwood says. “He’s an excellent boxer who can take people down and has good grappling, but I believe I’m the more well-rounded fighter.”

A major in the Army, Norwood doesn’t necessarily have UFC aspirations like Curtis. Winning the CES MMA Welterweight Championship, Norwood says, is a big stepping stone for his life outside of the cage.

“The belt brings notoriety, and that notoriety can then be used for things that I’m passionate about — I’m involved in a lot of things in the community,” Norwood says.” And the belt also allows me to earn more money fighting, which means I can do more for my girls; at the end of the day, my daughters are the most important thing in the world to me. If there’s anything in the world I can do to help them, I’m going to do it.”


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