Tom Lawlor to participant in Battle Riot

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor will compete in MLW’s Battle Riot on Saturday, July 10th in Philadelphia at the 2300 Arena.

Tickets are unavailable for this event as it has sold out.

The first-ever Battle Riot winner looks to become the first-ever two-time Riot winner as Lawlor has officially entered the 40-wrestler extravaganza. 

Lawlor, who won the 2020 Opera Cup, the World Heavyweight Championship, and the 2018 Battle Riot, is the only man to have won MLW’s prestigious grand slam.

Now, Lawlor looks to capture a title shot. All he has to do is outlast, outsmart and outfight 39 other men. 

Will he be successful? Find out July 10th as MLW presents the Battle Riot!


40 wrestler Battle Riot with the following participants announced to date:
Alex Hammerstone 
King Muertes 
Mads Krügger
Tom Lawlor
Ross Von Erich
Marshall Von Erich 
Richard Holliday
Davey Richards
Myron Reed
Calvin Tankman
Gino Medina
King Mo
Kevin Ku
Josef Samael
Simon Gotch
Ikuro Kwon
Savio Vega
EJ Nduka
Lee Moriarty
Bu Ku Dao
Alex Kane
Gringo Loco
Kit Osbourne

Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Richard Holliday (c) vs. King Muertes

Bunkhouse Brawl
Von Erichs vs. Team Filthy

Davey Richards vs. TJP

Plus more to be announced in the days ahead!


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