Tommy Fury may not be a great fighter but he is more than good enough to beat Jake Paul

It’s hard to say with any certainty that Tommy Fury will have a legacy worth remembering in the sport of boxing. In many ways, it all depends on who you speak to within the boxing industry but the overriding opinion seems to be that people are yet to be convinced of the 22-year-old’s pedigree in the ring. Fury is of course still unbeaten but the quality of his opponent has been a topic of discussion. 

Jake Paul was the latest to have a dig regarding the level that Fury’s opponents have been at by saying that the Englishman fights the equivalent of the ‘garbage guy’ who they pay to get in the ring with Fury. The Youtuber was in typically brash and insulting form and no doubt looking to stir up interest in his upcoming bout that he is fancied to win. Indeed, the latest Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley odds shows the former Disney star priced at just -163 to come away as the victor on the night.

Interestingly, Fury will fight on the undercard of Paul’s headline bout with Woodley and the expectation is that should they both win their respective fights, then the Englishman and American will go head-to-head next. 

This isn’t a match-up that Paul is worried about as the 24-year-old says Fury lacks the qualities that are needed to be a ‘real fighter’. The Youtube sensation didn’t hold back when giving his opinion on Fury’s fledgling career: “He boxes because he was told to do so by his dad. He doesn’t have that real heart, that real fighter inside of him. If we ever get into the ring, I’m going to expose him.”

Like most things that Paul says, a lot of it is unsubstantiated and should be taken with a pinch or two of salt, especially the part about exposing Fury with ease. On the contrary, there is good reason to believe that won’t be the case should the two ever meet.

It’s been said many times but it’s worth saying again, the truth is we don’t know how accomplished Fury will become but he’s undoubtedly already good enough to knock Jake Paul out before he hits the canvas. Whilst both fighters share similar stats in terms of height, reach and weight, Tommy has the invaluable know-how that comes with being a Fury.

After all, this is a family that grew up boxing together before they began doing anything else. The noble art of attack and defense in the ring runs deep within their blood and unsurprisingly, we’ve seen Fury show glimpses of it as he’s built up an undefeated record that reads 6-0. Indeed, Fury’s boxing education has been going on for the better part of over two decades whilst Paul on the other hand is desperately reading the manual whilst on the job.

The 22-year-old may not be spoken about in the same breath as his brother Tyson and in all likelihood won’t go on to better any of his older siblings’ records in the ring, but that doesn’t mean he won’t comfortably beat Jake Paul. 

(Photo Credit: Tommy Fury (left) and Jake Paul (right) Getty Images)


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