Tommy Scrivner is ready for his title shot at CFC 5 and has something to say to his opponent Jamie Vasquez

Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 5 will take place on Saturday October 20, 2018 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the Mid TN Expo Center. Event doors will open at 630 p.m. and fights will start at 730 pm.

One of the fighters on this stacked card is Tommy Scrivner. Tommy is a veteran in the sport of MMA. Tommy got caught fighting underage years ago in promotions before he turned 18. Tommy does have a past of not training hard for all his fights. For example at CFC 1 he lost quickly to Kyle Tetley and the promotion did tell us that there might be a chance that he didn’t train at all for that fight. The promotion also told us that Tommy did get into some legal trouble with an attempted murder charge.

Considering his past and what he went through, he was able to overcome that and rededicate himself and his life into training. He joined a new Gym and started training consistently. With that hard work he took a fight in Kentucky and won impressively. He then came back to fight at CFC 4 and fought a training partner of now opponent of his, Jaime Vasquez, named Luis Siguenza and submitted him in the first round. That win earned him a #5 spot in the CFC featherweight contender rankings. He earned his way to a title shot but it’s going to be a huge step for him. CFC owner told us that this reminds him of Rocky vs Apollo because on paper Tommy shouldn’t beat Jaime. But as we all know fights are not fought on paper, they are fought in a cage and this will be the biggest fight of Tommy’s career on October 20th at CFC 5.

But before Tommy steps in the cage and face Jaime he was able to sit down and talk to Roberto Villa CEO of FightBookMMA.

Tommy I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you. Can you please explain the story of you getting caught underage fighting in MMA promotions?

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I appreciate you having me brother, yeah I knew that was coming I get that a lot!!! I started MMA fighting as a kid only a month after I turned 16 I fought several fights before someone told on me I was caught by the ISKA fighting underage at 17 years old!! I was (5-3-0) at the time when I was caught and suspended til age 18.

Damn man that’s freaking crazy but awesome at the same time. OK, so at CFC 1 you fought Kyle Tetley and lost quickly. It’s been said that your training habits may not have been the best for that fight. Can you walk us through that fight?

Yes… All respect for Tetley I’ve actually trained with him few times since then he is a great dude but it’s no secret that during that time between 2016- may of 2018 I was taking several fights not training because of money issues. I couldn’t get in a steady Gym to train I love to fight so I continued fighting although not training then I was caught by a flush straight to the chin that stunned me off the jump I pushed separation between us and threw a head kick not realizing he was I’d say two inches to far away not to mention the puddle of sweat on the cage floor I was standing in which led to a slip and fall and I just couldn’t recover as he jumped on top of me I slipt and he won fair and square. I have beat my self up a lot over that “charlie brown kick” but it happens, it’s happened to the best of us.

After that fight you went up to Kentucky and won, then came back to the CFC for CFC 4 and beat Luis Siguenza very fast. Can you walk us through that fight?

Yes!! I was tired of losing so I seeked a hometown Gym (Borras Bjj) leading up to the fight with Luis. I trained hard, practiced a better lifestyle of habits, etc. I began to see an improvement immediately and when we started the fight at CFC 4 I told myself I needed to get him to the ground but I knew he was expecting me to shoot for a takedown so I strategize and opened with a hard leg kick that wobbled his leg causing him to clinch and pushed me against the cage the followed a takedown which put me on my back with him in full guard. I waited til he postured up and I swept him giving me mount then I punched him in the face til he turned over where I ended up choking him out and won via rear naked choke 2:57 into round one.

Well you looked like 2 completely different fighters in the Tetley and Siguenza fights. What was the difference?

Training and more training!!! Believe me it took hard work and dedication and an amazing fight team which was in Gym day in and day out to help me prep for that fight!!!

In the Johnathan Ivey biography, which is sold at book stores across the US, there’s a whole chapter written about you and your trials and tribulations. Can you tell us about some of the things written in that chapter?

Yea it aint all necessarily stuff I’m proud of, but its stuff that really happened, I was on my way down a bad road with a destination to fail. I resorted to violence and bad lifestyle choices. Well I went to jail for two attempted murders which I fought in court while incarcerated for about 7 months or so. After that stretch I decided it was time to do right and pursue my dreams and that led me to Borras Bjj where I made a home and have been made to feel like a part of family there. And that choice led me to where I am at right now. A title fight on my idol Johnathan Ivey’s event and buddy if you thought I look different versus Luis then tighten ya belts up on October 20th and prepare to see a even more all around evolved Tommy Scrivner because its my time to shine and without any reasonable doubt I guarantee you they will have a new 145 champion at CFC 5!!!!!!!

Man this makes me feel so proud of you on how you turned your life around. Now, you’re fighting Jaime Vasquez for the CFC featherweight title on October 20th. You both have 1 common opponent Kyle Tetley. You lost to Tetley while Vasquez beat him easily, does that give you some concerns?

Not at all!! As I have said I wasn’t living right and wasn’t training right during that time I am doing everything right now so actually honestly not to be cocky or a smartass or anything but I’m actually less concerned about Jamie Vasquez then I was his partner Luis Siguenza because I’ve seen Vasquez fight and never have been impressed. I mean, he has a great record sure but look at who he’s fought no disrespect to anyone but he preys on less experienced and weaker opponents. But look at my record I’ve fought names who are known and who are from highly known MMA Gyms all over such as Cody Chessor, Seth Sirgo, Brett Hood etc. I’ve never looked for easy fights, training or not training I will fight anybody!!! I never have backed down to another man because at the end of the day we both bleed the same and pain is weakness leaving the body!!!!

Man now I want to see this fight event more!! Can you walk us through how you see the fight with Vasquez going?

I can’t predict the future but based on his last fights he clearly can’t finish with his power not to mention his Jiu Jitsu is like white belt status so I’m not the least bit worried bout the fight no matter where it goes. If he wanna stand and bang I’m down for that I’ll more than happily put him to sleep!!!! But if he wanna get on the ground I’m OK with breaking whatever he slips and gives me too!!! I’m coming with bad intentions. I’m taking that belt and he can’t stop me from doing that. I plan to have a bloody war though at least I hope he can hit me hard enough to draw blood I love that shit this is what I live for !!!!

Well all I can say after that answer is that fight fans better not miss this fight because it’s going to be a bloody war. Anything you want to tell Jaime before you face him in the cage?

Actually I was trying to be humble leading up to this fight and in previous interviews, I stayed to my self with lots of comments but he began the trash talk in our previous interview so I’d like to tell him this “Jamie vasquez???? Who is that??? That’s what the fans will say after October 20th!!! You put them big boy shorts on now I’ma beat ’em back off of you and make you regret ever being a CFC champion!!!! You can’t whoop me your skill set is weak as fuck and if you believe you can, then prove me wrong!!!” that’s all I have to say for now.

Oh damn!!! Well Tommy thanks for your time and thank you for telling us and the fans about your road to CFC 5. Any sponsors or anyone you want to give a shout out the floor is yours.

Yes! Lets start off by thanking all my haters!! Y’all keep giving them free advertisements!!! Then also a shout out to my mom and family and friends who supported me fight after fight after fight!! And a special thanks to Borras Bjj and professor Jorge Borras who without him I would’t be in the spot I’m in today!! Also like to thank my Muy Thai coach Ira Seltzer and my MMA coach everyday training partner Michael Mills for the countless extra hours dedicated to helping me succeed as well as pro fighter crucial Cody Moore!!!! Thanks to all you guys its been life changing!!! Now let’s get whats mine and bring that belt back home to the team at Borras Bjj!!!!


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