Top 10 Best Boxers in the World Right Now

The sport of boxing has produced many legends known worldwide for their superior skill and dance-like movements in the ring. There are plenty of parameters to account for while making a list of the best boxers in the world and each list is based on achievements as well as the opinion of the list maker. 

Each boxer fights differently, which makes it harder to compare them to each other. But here’s an attempt to list down the top 10 boxers in the world today.

Juan Francisco Estrada

Top 10 starts strong with Juan Francisco Estrada from the Super Flyweight championship. Estrada has been making his name in the pound-for-pound industry with his power-packed punches and fight endurance, thanks to his intense training regimens

His match with Chocalatito Gonzalez was probably his most famous one, with the entire match being extremely tight from start to finish. Debates continue to surge if Estrada was the real winner of the match or if he won because of bad marking by the judges. But it is safe to say that the former No. 1 Gonzalez lost to Estrada in a very tight match. Estrada has a good record so far and hasn’t stopped improving his game. 

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Josh Taylor

It’s hard to compare boxers from different championships but Taylor has shown some real potential in his matches to be left out of this list. He comes from the Super lightweight championship and holds a ton of belts around his waist. 

He may not be worthy of being at the very top of this list just yet but his matches against Jose Ramirez and Tartan Tornado go on to show just how much this talent has yet to prove in the ring. Beating a two belt holder by knocking him down in the ring is not an easy task and neither is winning 4 belts to unify a division to be only the 6th person ever to do it. 

Oscar Valdez

It’s close between Taylor and Valdez but the latter will take 8th place on this list because of this time and achievements in the sport. Hailing from the super featherweight division, a record of 29-0, including 23 knockouts, this man is a beast in the ring. 

If you haven’t watched Valdez fight, go look up his fight with Miguel Berchelt and you’ll understand why he is on this list. Fans argue that the 10th round K.O. was perhaps one of the best moments in the sport lately. Valdez is also a two-time Olympian and a Division-two champion. A brutal opponent and a fan of proving himself not over the microphone but in the ring. 

Vasiliy Lomachenko

This 33-year-old Lightweight Ukranian was surely one of the best a few years ago but has dropped down the list after his two losses against Teofimo Lopez

After regaining his composure following his second loss to Lopez, Lomachenko gave his fans a tinge of nostalgia in his match against Masayoshi Nakatani, who was completely dominated in the fight, in spite of his ability to take heavy punches. Once Lomachenko regains his former confidence, we could see another match between him and Lopez.

Teofimo Lopez

Following his two fights against Lomachenko, Lopez has proven himself to be ahead of him on this list. Right of the bat, Lopez showed his potential in the Lightweight division, becoming the first four-belt champion in the Lightweight championship. 

His first fight against Lomachenko was definitely one of the best of his career and of the competition. But it got even better when he won the second fight as well. Lopez won’t stay in the Lightweight division for long considering his gradual muscle gain but he’s surely a young talent to look forward to.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury lives up to his name, with every fight setting the ring up in flames. Fury is a spectacle to watch, with his defensive movement in spite of his massive size. His rematch against Deontay Wilder was brilliant, with Fury dominating from start to finish. It was truly a great match to witness live. But if you didn’t watch it then, don’t wait to watch it because it’s a match every fan must watch. And not just once. 

Oleksandr Usyk

Usyk is just starting to etch his name into the sport, yet he’s produced some really good matches so far. He became an undisputed champion after dominating the division in 16 fights. Some of his greatest opponents include Murat Gassiev, Tony Bellow and Mairis Briedis, each fight being a bundle of entertainment. There’s a lot more for him to overcome in the sport but he is surely one to witness fighting in the ring.

Naoya Inoue

This Bantamweight fighter is undoubtedly a future best in the making. Every time this 28-year-old steps in the ring, he offers the audience and the fans a memorable match, dominating every opponent he faces. Inoue’s fight against Nonito Donaire was perhaps his best performance yet, winning the ‘2019 Fight of the Year’. 

Yet another great example of his skill was his match against Michael Dasmarinas, one of full domination by Inoue. There’s a reason for his growing fan following and if you haven’t witnessed his skill yet, watch both matches mentioned here. 

Terence Crawford

Crawford is menacing in the ring and takes the second spot after his insane fight against Kell Brook. Crawford has spent a significant amount of time in the sport but has only recently shown how great he can be.

However, his age and experience is the only reason he’s still ahead of Inoue. Perhaps we could get to see a match between the two to find out who’s better. Until then, Crawford will hold second place on this list and fully deserves to. 

Canelo Alvarez

The top spot is only reserved for Canelo Alvarez, the super middleweight champion who has a massive record of 38 K.O.s. Alvarez deserves this spot and it’s what every boxing fan will agree to. His winning streak against some of the best such as Kovalev, Jacobs, Cotto, Lara, Golovkin, Smith and the great Billy Joe Saunders, is proof enough. Alvarez’s fights are enough to get non-fans interested in boxing. 

There’s so much to look forward to in his fights, from powerful blows to skillful evasion, it’s hard not to enjoy his fights. In spite of his dominance in the sport, Alvarez doesn’t feel like he’s done. He believes he has a lot left in him and will continue to produce some great matches against great opponents. 


So there we have it – a list of the top 10 best boxers in the world right now. Some might question the ranking but opinions and biases are hard to exclude with so many factors coming into play. 

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