Top 10 Best Canadian MMA Fighters to Bet On

Looking to place bets on MMA events? Check out these top 10 MMA fighters and consider them when placing your real money wagers on exciting events.

In Canada, there is no shortage of world-class MMA fighters. With a great list of fighters entering the MMA cages in 2021, bettors will have an amazing chance to place wagers and enjoy top odds. The list of top 10 fighters to bet on below are on their way to making it on the list of Canada’s best MMA fighters of all time.

If you are a fan of MMA events and want to place some exciting wagers, keep an eye on these upcoming fighters. You can find many leading Paysafecard casino sites operating in Canada that support wagers on MMA events. With some great odds and excellent betting options, be sure to keep an eye on these fighters. While they may be an underdog, they can yield some great payouts when they defeat opponents by surprise!

Steven MacDonald

MacDonald is a great option for anyone looking to bet on MMA events. This 27-year-old light heavyweight started his professional career in Canada in 2018 and has since impressed fans and spectators. With two unanimous decisions and a knockout under his belt, he is a force to reckon with in the cage. MacDonald signed with Bellator MMA in 2020 and is a leading Canadian prospect.

Zackery Powell

Powell is a top-rated Canadian fighter that stayed active through 2021, with a 2-0 record for the year. He has a victory at SHP 86, marking the biggest win of his young career. Training with Niagara Top Team, Powell has t eh best trainers and coaches that are propelling him forward. At just 23, he already has a 4-0 record and will be a top name in the MMA cages.

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Saeid Mirzaei

Saeid is a 28-year old welterweight that hit a run of bad luck in the 2020 season. Following an amateur career with 16 wins and just 3 losses, he became an IMMAF world champ. Defeating American Killian Estes, he opened his professional career and also beat veteran Nicolae Cury. With many skills and a great attitude, Mirzaei is one to watch when it comes to betting options.

Mateo Vogel

In the past year, Vogel has got in one fight due to the pandemic. With a single defeat, Vogel is known to have the best jiu-jitsu skills in the country and has had three victories in the sport. He is expected to have a successful 2021 season and will be featured in many MMA events throughout Canada. Watch for bookmakers to offer some great odds as he enters the cage.

Josh Kwiatkowski

Josh is another featherweight from Canada and at 27, he has enjoyed many victories. As a member of the Checkmat Vancouver team, Josh fights with many of the best from British Columbia and will be a great betting option in the 2021 season.

Louis Jourdain

Jourdain is a popular fighter for Canadian bettors and despite not competing in MMA fights since 2018, he is still active on the UFC scene. Following in the footsteps of his brother, Charles Jourdain, Louis has great potential and has plans to enter the MMA cage again in 2021. Watch for his impressive striking techniques used to take down opponents.

Melissa Croden

While the other names on our list of top 10 MMA fighters are male, Melissa joins the ranks as being one of the best in Canada. With a 5-0 amateur career, she beat all opponents with strikes, which is at a level that attracts national attention. Since she just has two professional fights on her portfolio, she is not in the big show yet, but is still one great option for betting on other MMA events.

Kyran Cameron

Cameron has made regular appearances in BTC Fight Promotions cages and recently enjoyed a first round submission win with a bravo choke. At the young age of 26, he is one to watch when it comes to upcoming champions in Canada.

Lucas Neufeld

At 27, Neufeld is a featherweight that is worth watching when considering MMA bets. He had a perfect record until a loss to Jordan Leavitt. As one of the brightest prospects in Canada, he attracts many spectators and bettors and is a contender for the Z-Promotions Fight Night featherweight title.

Yohan Lainesse

Well known on the Canadian MMA scene, Lainesse is also a worldwide sensation, gaming fame for a flying knee knockout at CFFC 86. This 28 year old welterweight offers some great betting odds whether he is fighting in Canada or in a CFFC cage.


Whether you enjoy wagering on UFC events or the popular Bellator matches, these fighters will be a great choice. You will also find many amateur MMA fighting betting options featured at sportsbooks, where you can enjoy great odds and endless action as these skilled fighters take on their opponents to capture a win.


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