Top Five Best Boxing Books

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Like all great genres, there are lots of fantastic fiction books based on boxing. The best ones will motivate and inspire you to change your life.

If you are a beginner to the sport or a professional, reading books can be an essential part of your training. With the elegance of boxing, it is not surprising that so many books talk about the legacy and history of the combat sport.

Here are our top five boxing books to motivate your training:

  1. Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson

This is recognized as an essential book for boxing fans and athletes around the world. It can light a spark inside the reader and develop a deep love of the sport. This book is an autobiography of one of the greatest boxers in history, Mike Tyson and covers how he overcame the obstacles in his life.

The story of his life inspires us to know that there is more to success than just financial benefits. The honest that Tyson writes with helps us to break free of any financial chains and is bound to impact you even if you have never entered the ring. As an affordable option, this is a must-read to help you grow in determination and power.

  1. Four Kings by George Edward Kimball

This book captures the story of four legends of boxing – Marvelous Marvin, Thomas Hit Man Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Roberto Duran. In the story, you learn about the personalities of the four boxers and provides a treasure of historic information for athletes and boxing fans.

“In 1985, George Kimball received the Nat Fleischer Award for Excellence in Boxing Journalism,” explains Lucy Lewis, a book blogger at Academized and Write My Essay. “Over his career, he covered over four hundred world-title fights and his contributions to boxing have been revered by the Boxing Writers Association of America.”

In this book, Kimball draws on the most important parts of the four boxer’s lives and it has been recognized as one of the finest sports books to be ever written. The volume of information given might put off a non-boxing audience though and the book is one of the pricier options on our list.

  1. Ghosts of Manila by Mark Kram

Within the Ghosts of Manila, Mark Kram writes a dual biography of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. The story centers around the third fight of both boxers, which was their final fight called the Thrilla in Manila.

At the start of the book, we learn about both fighters and the differences in their lifestyle, their careers and how they deal with consequences. Kram then continues by writing the journey of how they came together into a final brutal fight that impacted both men, physically and emotionally, forever.

  1. Ali: A Life by Jonathan Eig

This book tells the respected tale of boxer Muhammad Ali and is one of the greatest boxing motivational books. It covers Ali’s wisdom, greatness, and bravery, as well as some key features of boxing.

As Ali was one of the most famous boxers in the world, this book details the sheer determination and discipline he showed in order to get to that level of fame. It will really enlighten you about the drama and politics of the boxing arena.

Eig won the PEN/ESPN Award in 2018 for Ali: A Life and was praised for how he crafted the vivid tale that fascinates readers from beginning to end.

  1. The Sixteenth Round: From Number 1 Contender to Number 45472 by Rubin Carter

The Sixteenth South is a book based upon the life of famous American boxer Rubin Carter. He was one of the top fighters in the history of boxing.

“As the survivor of a challenging childhood, he rose to become a top contender for the middleweight boxing crown,” says Adrian Groot, a boxing expert at Custom Writing Service and Paper Fellows. “In May 1967, his career came crashing down as he was found guilty with one other man of the murder of three white people. He was sentenced to three consecutive life terms.”

This book was written in prison by Carter and was first published in 1974. It charts his journey from the boxing ring to solitary confinement in prison and was his first appeal to help from the public. In it, he attempts to set the record straight and appeal for a new trial.

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