With two months to go in 2020, we look back at some of the best lethwei knockouts this year. Industry leader managed to pull off one event before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world and two more while working remotely last August and September. Some of the world’s best combat sports athletes were featured in these shows and we look at some of the best knockouts so far.

Nico Mendes vs Saensuek, WLC: LETHWEI SHOWCASE, 25 September 2020

Nico Mendes came into this bout with a significant reach advantage over his younger Thai opponent, and he used that to great effect. While in the clinch during the first round, Mendes unleashed one of the most devastating knee strikes seen in lethwei that dropped Saensuek almost immediately. Saensuek valiantly tried to recover from it but struggling to find his bearing, the referee was forced to call an end to this fight via one of the craziest knockouts this year.

So Mi Ong vs Sok Rith, WLC: BATTLEBONES, 30 January 2020

The much-anticipated debut of returning Myanmar superstar So Mi Ong delivered with an all-around exciting bout that culminated in an emphatic knockout. So Mi Ong had the upper hand in exchanges throughout the bout, working the body of his opponent Sok Rith. He started pouring it on in the second round and dropped his opponent thrice with three spectacular strikes. His first knockdown was from a straight left to the body, and he followed that up with a knee to the solar plexus, and finished the fight with a push kick to the ribs. A true masterclass of attacking the body.

Souris Manfredi vs Tran Thi Lua, WLC: BATTLEBONES, 30 January 2020

One would be remiss to have a best-of lethwei knockouts without include the first knockout in female lethwei history. Eventual female world lethwei champion Souris Manfredi showed why she is the world’s greatest female lethwei athlete in this contest by pummelling Vietnam’s Tran Thi Lua. The end of the bout came with a precise right straight, dropping the Vietnamese opponent and becoming the first female lethwei knockout in history.


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