Top Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

Bangkok has many interesting places that can bring you adrenalin and emotions. Here are some of the best places to enjoy Muay Thai fights.

Emotions and Adrenaline – Best Places to Watch Muay Thai Fights in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is a picturesque and colorful city that attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Men come here with different goals: someone wants to touch a thousand-year-old culture and traditions, someone has met charming Thai brides on online dating sites and is eager to meet, and someone wants vivid emotions and adrenaline. And Bangkok is ready to offer a wide range of entertainment at your request. One of them is Muay Thai fights. We will show you the best arenas where spectacular and adrenaline fights take place.

Rajadamnern Stadium

One of the two most important sports venues in Bangkok and also a historical landmark, the first Muay Thai stadium built in Thailand. Rajadamnern Stadium is a top recommendation if you want to see the best Muay Thai fights.

  • When: fights are held every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 18:00 to 22:00. You will not be allowed to bring drinks and food with you (you will be examined at the entrance to the stadium), but inside you can easily get everything you need from the waiter or at the bar.
  • How to get there: A taxi ride will take about 30 minutes from the nearest metro stations Victory Monument, Ratchathewi, or Phaya Thai, which will cost 100 baht ($3). The nearest metro station is the newly opened Sam Yot, which is about 2 km from Rajadamnern.
  • Entrance: 2000 baht ($60) for a VIP ticket at the ring with soft seats and 1500 ($40) for second class seats (in fact, the second class has a better view than the VIP). Many Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok are stadium-linked, so if you train in any of them, check with the gym administrator to see if they have discounts on Rajadamnern tickets. Don’t be shy – this is normal practice.

You can also buy tickets on the official Rajadamnern website and you just need to show your confirmation email to enter (download the ticket in advance if you don’t have a local SIM card with internet). By the way, if you fought in Rajadamnern stadium as a fighter, you get a two-year pass to the stadium and you can watch fights for free.

Lumpinee Stadium

Lumpini Stadium used to be the number one Muay Thai fighting venue in all of Thailand. Located near the center of Bangkok, it hosted the highest level of fighters. It was the legendary place where countless Muay Thai stars lit up. In 2014, the authorities relocated the stadium and are now located along Ram Inthra road, near Don Muang Airport. The new location of the Lumpini Stadium is inconvenient: firstly, it is far from the center of Bangkok, and secondly, there is bad traffic, since the battles begin at 18:30 (on weekdays) at rush hour.

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  • When: Lumpinee is held on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The best fights usually take place on weekdays, but there are celebrity title and rating fights on Saturdays. Drinks and food cannot be brought with you from the street, but inside they go and take orders for the range of the bar.
  • How to get there: Take an Uber or a local taxi. And to minimize the chance of getting stuck in a terrible evening traffic jam, take the train to Mo Chit or the subway to Phahan Yothin, and then take a taxi. In a taxi, ask to be taken to Lumpinee Stadium on Ram Inthra road. The metro and taxi fare to Lumpinee is around 250 baht ($8).
  • Entrance: 2000 baht ($60) for a ring seat. As in the previous case, if you are doing Muay Thai in a Bangkok camp, ask the club administrator if there are discounted tickets. You can also become a participant in the promotion by purchasing through the website – a discount ticket and a photo with the champion. Inside, you can purchase 2nd and 3rd class tickets.

Channel 7 stadium

Today, the Kanal 7 stadium is no longer the secret place it once was. The stadium is packed with tourists and Thai audiences every Sunday. Due to the lack of admission fees, the stadium can be filled with a very lively atmosphere of gamblers and the enthusiasm of local Muay Thai fans. Seats are very hard and uncomfortable, which can affect overall pleasure. Most tourists who go to watch the fights here are tempted by the free admission and its proximity to the Chatuchak weekend market. Many of them leave after a couple of fights and it’s easy to see why. For the casual viewer of Muay Thai, to withstand 5 rounds, when in the first 2 there is a leisurely reconnaissance of a fight between two fighters, not everyone will like it. The hard seats, the deafening screams of the players do not bring much pleasure.

However, the fights at the Channel 7 stadium are top-notch and are attended by many aspiring and future Muay Thai stars. The battles here are just as real and the spectacle will be great. For the whole evening, you can see 4-5 fights that will bring adrenaline and emotions.

  • When: Shows on Channel 7 are held on Sundays from 13:45 and every third Wednesday from 12:00 and are broadcast on Thai national television. But for good places, it is worth arriving at least 45 minutes early. You can also arrive after 15:00 when most of the random tourists left after the 3rd fight and you will have a choice of good places. Bring food and drinks with you. There is a shop right at the main gate of the stadium.
  • How to get there: Taking a taxi is the easiest, but if you go first to the famous Chatuchak weekend market, the nearest train station is Mo Chit or Chatuchak metro station and you will be a 15-minute walk to Channel 7 stadium.
  • Entrance: free! But there is an opportunity to buy VIP seats for 300 baht ($10).


Now you know the best places to watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. It remains to make your choice and enjoy the spectacular show. Get a real rush of adrenaline and get to know Bangkok from a new side!


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