Top prospect Dylan Lockard back in the cage at CES 53 on Friday

Dylan Lockard is quietly establishing himself as one of New England’s brightest MMA prospects. On Friday, the fast-rising New Hampshire fighter returns to action at CES 53 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on AXS TV Fights. Before that, he caught up with FightBook MMA.

How important was the victory in your last fight?

It was very important. Coming off that first loss, I didn’t want to lose two in a row. It’d been a while. My last fight was in August, so at this point I hadn’t had a win in about a year. I’d forgotten what it was like to win. I hadn’t felt that in so long. It was huge. It was a tough fight. But that was my goal, win however I had to do it. I just wanted to win.

What did you take away from that loss?

I took a lot away. I learned a lot about how I need to prepare for fights. My opponent was a tough dude. He showed me a lot of weaknesses and holes in my game that I needed to work on.

How excited are you to get back to action?

I’m really excited. I wanted to stay active this year and I’ve been able to do that. This is my third fight this year. I’m happy to get back into the CES cage against another tough guy. He’s an undefeated fighter, so it should be another good fight. I’ve already fought two tough guys this year, so I’m looking forward to another one.

Do you know much about your opponent?

A little bit. He’s 3-0. He’s got good jujitsu and he’s a lefty, so it should be a good fight. I don’t look too much into my opponents. I watch one or two of their fights to see if anything sticks out, but I want to focus more on myself and focus on what I want to do.

How many times would you like to fight next year?

We’ll see. I want to take a bit of a break after this one and get back into it. Hopefully I can get three more fights again. As long as I can stay healthy, I want to fight as much as possible. I think that’s been what’s holding me back. I’ve got to stay healthy between these camps. I’ve had a lot of injuries and roadblocks in the past, but this year was good. I got three fights in and I stayed healthy, so hopefully I can get at least that many in.


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