Top prospect Fabio Cherant talks CES 51 on Friday: “I’m Just Coming To Fight!”

Before Fabio Cherant tries to improve to 3-0 as a pro against Buck Pineau on Friday at CES 51 in Lincoln, R.I., the top light-heavyweight prospect spoke with FightBookMMA.

How’s training camp going for this fight?

It’s going great. There’s not much I can really do, since I just fought not that long ago. I just got back to work, doing what I was doing with a different opponent. Same gameplan and I’m ready to go.

Is this fight televised?

I have no idea.

Does that matter to you?

No, I don’t care. All I know is that I’m showing up to fight, I don’t care if I’m on TV on the undercard. It doesn’t matter to me.

What’s the most likely outcome of this upcoming fight?

It’s the fight game, man. I have no idea. I just know he’s a game opponent. He likes to stand and throw a lot of weird stuff, but I’m ready to do what has to be done. I’m excited for this fight because I think I’ll be able to show a little of my standup. But, I thought that about a lot of my other fights and look how they ended. I’m ready for wherever the fight goes.

Would you be happier to have a knockout than a third professional submission?

Oh, my god, that would be beautiful. It would get a lot of people off of my back and they couldn’t say anything about my submissions because all of my fights have ended by submission.

You say people, but do you mean Greg Rebello?

You’re goddamned right. Oh my god, he’s terrible.

Where would you like to be as a fighter one year from today?

I’m sure everybody says the same thing, but obviously my goal is the big leagues. I know that I’ve got a lot of work to do to get there. I’m just going to take it one step at a time and I’m hoping that at this time next year, I’m in a big organization working my way up. If not, I’d love to see myself strapped up with that CES belt – either at 185 or 205.

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