Top Prospect Nate “The Savage” Smith Tries to Climb to 3-0 This Weekend”

Nate “The Savage” Smith is quickly establishing himself as one of the sport’s top up-and-coming exciting prospects. Before he tries to improve to 3-0 this weekend in Nebraska, he caught up with FightBook MMA.

How did you find MMA?

I found MMA from seeing a flyer when I was in high school. I was wrestling during the time and I always remember growing up watching GSP, many others and I thought it would be fun to try out. I came across Corey Anderson and then my uncle Carringtion Banks got into the sport and took off now fights for Bellator.

What do you love about the sport?

I love the art form of the sport. How you can be in the game for soo long but yet still growing and still learning new things or new ways for things. As well the fans they are pretty awesome.

Why have you been so successful?

I believe my success has been from not only putting in 100% of my effort and mind in to growing. But as well with the coaching staff I have and the Teammates and friends I have who helped me grow. Even my family has been making sure I keep my mind right. As well my little girl Adalynn B Smith is my ultimate drive to make sure I give her the life I never had.

What should fans expect for your next fight?

Domination! Plan and simple I don’t do what other fighters or mixed martial Artists do. I like being that guy that no one can figure out. So it doesn’t matter where the fight goes I am going to dominate.

What would you like fans to know about you as 2018 draws to a close and 2019 begins?

I would like to know I’m I really nice guy who’s just a savage in the cage. And I want them to follow my journey because in 2019 anything can happen just know your boy will be on top no matter where I go! So just follow me on my social media accounts. And you’ll see my life my journey.

Where would you like to be 12 months from today?

I would like to be in the ufc 12 months from now. But hey who knows what would happen. Just know I will be ready and more dangerous then I ever would be. No matter the stage ufc, lfa, Victory fighting championship on ufc fight pass it doesn’t matter just know the savage came to take over.

How would you like fans to remember you?

I want the fans to remember as that friendly guy who just don’t take no bull from no body. That backs up what he talks about. That do what he said he’s going to do. And later on in my career to be considered the Goa


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