Top Ten High School Wrestling Teams

Joining sports clubs and school teams in high school is there not only to keep yourself fit and gain popularity but build up a foundation for your happy career in the nearest future as well. Students who succeed in sports in high school teams have been more chances to get into college and win grants for studying easier.

Still, if you want to join the best team of wrestlers or any other sportsmen in the state or even country, you need to put in some effort to reach the best outcomes. It concerns not only preparation to be accepted to the high school. Here even a custom paper writing service that makes me do my homework may come to assist you. But more about selecting a suitable educational institution with the best wrestling team in it.

Discover more about ten top wrestling high school teams and how they are chosen and make the right decision quickly.

Wrestling Team Ranking Criteria

When you want to join the wrestling team in high school, you will obviously look for the top-ranked one. Still, if you don’t wish to rely on someone’s subjective opinion, you need to understand the essential principles of ranking. This will allow you either decide on the best team yourself or be sure to go for the fair rating. Here are the criteria taken into account for high school wrestling teams rating:

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  • Wrestler’s record – each wrestler’s activity is analyzed by counting the number of matches participated in, wins, losses, and percentage of wins calculated.
  • Type of win/loss – not only the points earned are considered, but the quality of the wrestler’s performance is paid attention to. Types of wins and losses are calculated separately, covering pin, tech fall, major decision, decision, and so on.
  • Opponent’s record – the wrestler opponent team’s performance is measured when a rating is created to see the individual and group success compared to other sportsmen.
  • Head-to-head results – apart from wrestling teams’ results, every sportsman’s individual success and separate competitions are measured.

Check out ranking criteria every time before you take into account any team’s success report. This will allow you to make the final decision based on facts only and join only the best wrestlers in the country.

Top Ten Teams

If you are eager to join the best school wrestling program, you’d better check out the top ten reams around the country. Discover their achievements and try to enter the best suitable one:

  • Wyoming Seminary PA – won titles of Ironman, Powerade, and National Preps. Have prepared multiple national wrestling champions. Have both male and female teams. Hold first places of ranking for several seasons in a row.
  • Blair Academy NJ – hold Beast of the East, were better than Wyoming Seminary in duals, but lost in head-to-head meetings and gave up titles in Ironman and Powerade.
  • Buchanan CA – won the first prize in Doc Buchanan. Reached California state record with 11 medalists in the team.
  • Montini Catholic IL – hold the Dvorak title. Reached the state record with five medalists. Hold Illinois state duals first prize. The most prominent school sports program in the state
  • Detroit Catholic Central MI – are title owners of Brecksville Holiday Invitational, DDC Invitational, and state duals of Michigan. Boast about 12 state medalists and half fewer champions.
  • Malvern Prep PA – hold second prizes at Beast of the East and Ironman, and the third prize at Powerade.
  • Lake Highland Prep FL – finished in the first ten teams at the Ironman and won the third prize in Doc B. Had eight state champions.
  • Delbarton NJ – hold New Jersey state title. Finished in the first five teams at Doc B.
  • St Edward OH – hold Ohio state duals title. Finished in the first five and first ten at Doc B and Ironman respectively.
  • Elyria OH – finished in top ten at the Ironman and Beast of the East. Had a major breakthrough at Ohio state duals.

High school wrestling may boast its specularity and quality in programs. The high school wrestlers have great possibilities to develop both sports careers and proceed to desired colleges and universities. No matter whether you are a great fan of high school wrestling teams or aim to join the best of them, learn more about teams’ backgrounds and records to make the best suitable decision. You can also check out our essay hub review where you can find more articles like this one.


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