UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic Main Event Recap

Daniel Cormier fought Stipe Miocic in the Main event at UFC 241 at the Honda Centre in California. Cormier looking to defend his title again after winning against Derrick Lewis ,late last year. Whereas, Miocic was looking to avenge his loss to Cormier and winning the title back. It was truly a clash of two of the best heavyweights currently active.

The last time they faced off, Cormier won after catching Miocic with a strong right hand and I have to say that the victory was convincing, and that is why he was the favorite to win this fight, but only by a small margin.

In the first round, the first significant strikes were delivered by Cormier feinting convincingly to deliver an uppercut first and then landing a 2 punch combination. Miocic had a big height and reach advantage, so Cormier needed to get on the inside, to find range while keeping good head movement to avoid getting hit. Cormier then attempted a takedown, which Miocic tried to defend against but got taken off his feet. Cormier, with a strong wrestling background seemed to have his plan figured out. He immediately started ground and pound, with a minute left in the round Miocic was the recipient of some ferocious hammer fists. Cormier dominated the first round.

In the second round, Miocic tried to keep his distance by jabbing and using leg kicks but Cormier was using a weird strategy of grabbing Miocic’s hands and then hitting him with a fast combination. The second round was very exciting as both the fighters exchanged a lot of strikes. Miocic gained some momentum in this round by using his boxing skills. I have to say that Cormier’s hand speed is commendable.

The third round started like the second, both the fighters exchanging strikes and an attempted takedown by Miocic which was defended by Cormier. Cormier used the same technique he used in the previous rounds, also DC was trapping Miocic using hooks to get over Miocic’s long hands and then he used to clinch . DC was much the aggressor. At the end of this round, both the fighters were noticeably tired and also both of them had been punched quite a few times.

The fourth round started off slowly, Miocic was somewhat the aggressor, landing a few punches to the head and to the body. Cormier also landed a few but I feel he was throwing fewer punches due to fatigue. Miocic landed quite a few punches to Cormier’s body, I feel this was pretty significant as this would have taken the breath out of a tired Cormier. This also forced Cormier to drop his hands leaving his head exposed. In the last minute, the exact thing happened as Cormier took a body shot and then a punch to the head, he stumbled and Miocic seized at the opportunity and finished off the match, winning back his title.

In my opinion, stamina and fitness was a major factor in this fight, and I feel that Cormier’s age might have caught up to him, finally. Cormier in the fourth round threw a lot of punches which missed, I think he was trying to turn the round in his favor but ended up tiring himself out. As for Miocic, he became a deserved champion again. I would like to say though, writing DC off after this fight could be a mistake.

-Mihir Joshi