UFC Aftermath: Andrade’s Victory, Legends Defeated and Volkanovski Bacterial Infection Heals

UFC Championship Belt
There’s more to the UFC than the big wins and title belts
The UFC 237 took place on May 11th in Rio. It was an epic night full of all of the “Thrill and Agony” that fans were promised, maybe even more than they could handle at times. Once the event is finished, those who watched it, whether in the arena or on PPV, retire to their beds and reflect upon champions born and legends defeated. Yet for those involved, the cuts and bruises—both to body and ego—take longer to heal. Here we reflect on the aftermath of the UFC 237.

Jessica Andrade’s Slam Labelled ‘Fluke’

Andrade pulled off a bit of a shock victory when she KO’d Rose Namajunas to win the strawweight title. It’s not that there’s any doubt over Andrade’s talent or ability, but ‘Thug Rose’ is a technical master and competent fighter.

Despite Namajunas having treated the audience to an impressive array of strikes, Andrade got the better of her in the second round with a horrific-looking slam that instantly ended it. Namajuna’s torso bounced off the mat, vibrating the octagon sponsorship logos for the UFC event, which included the PokerStars and Refit branding.

The legality of the slam came into question. Despite how dangerous it looked, the move has now been confirmed as being legal by many experts, as it wasn’t a direct spike and Rose had Andrade in a submission at the time.

Michael Bisping thinks that the win was a ‘fluke’ and that Namajunas would likely win a rematch. Whether that rematch will happen is a different question, with Namajunas currently considering retirement.

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Volkanovski Infection and Silva Injury

Alexander Volkanovski beat legendary former champion Jose Aldo by unanimous decision at UFC 237, launching him straight up to No. 1 in the featherweight rankings. This was a huge win for Volkanovski, yet he had little time for celebration. Before even getting on the flight home, he was found to have a serious leg infection and had to receive treatment in a local hospital.

Volkanovski has since posted news that his leg is healing fine, so he should be back in action soon. However, the UFC has already booked champion Max Holloway to fight Frankie Edgar. Despite Volkanovski earning his number one ranking, he will be forced to wait for his opportunity to prove himself as the best, or else risk another fight in the meantime.

The co-main event was perhaps the most grueling of the night—even more disturbing than the slam that nearly left Rose with a broken neck. The King of Rio, Anderson Silva, suffered a brutal knee injury to Jared Cannonier, ending the match in agonising fashion, with Silva screaming out in pain.

Chris Weidman knock out Anderson Silva at UFC 162.
Is it time for Silva to throw in the towel?
It is now known that Silva has avoided any serious knee injury. With seven out of eight winless fights in a row, it is unclear how the legend’s career will go now, and he himself has shown signs that he doubts whether it would be wise for him to continue. It’s a challenge faced by all of the greats at one time or another. With such a love for the sport, when is it time to call it quits?

Raoni Barcelos Wins, but Misses Out

Among the early preliminary fights scheduled was Raoni Barcelos against Russian Nurmagomedov (who is ranked 25th in the bantamweight division), but the fight never happened. Nurmagomedov dropped out on short notice, leaving Carlos Huachin to take the fight with just a couple of days’ notice.

Barcelos got the TKO victory with a series of viscous elbows, earning himself his third victory in the UFC, yet he expressed disappointment that he didn’t get to face the ranked opponent and that Nurmagomedov didn’t give valid reason why. Barcelos believes that if he had faced Nurmagomedov and won, he would have found his way into the top 15 rankings, and he says that he wants to fight a ranked opponent next to move up.

The UFC is full of twists, turns and epic fights. What you see in the octagon is only half of the picture. After the events are over, the fighters are left to nurse their wounds and arrange their next career moves. UFC 238 takes place on 9th June.



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