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The UFC has been known to sign a bunch of problematic fighters in their past and as the top of the fighting game, many have wanted to make the leap. However, one fighter who is causing up some commotion has been YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul. He stated he wants to do a one-fight deal to fight Conor McGregor and the terms seem like it is something UFC should jump on and do today. 

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What Does This Fight Mean?

Conor McGregor is no longer that elite fighter that everyone fears, he is now the celebrity fighter that wants to make a payday. There is nothing wrong with that but it’s important to understand. He is in the business of making money and to be honest, there is no longer that elite fighter with name recognition to a mainstream audience. 

Jake Paul tweeted out “Dana – Since you like me now, how about a 1 fight UFC deal to fight Conor. If I win, you agree to my UFC fighter pay and healthcare proposal. If you lose I donate my entire purse to all UFC fighters who make less than $50k a fight and never mention UFC again. Deal?” This is a win-win situation for the image of the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand as they will pay for healthcare for their fighters and no longer have a top media personality like Jake Paul attacking them. Not to mention, this would definitely sell incredibly well on an otherwise not important UFC card. 

But Jake Paul Isn’t Qualified for the UFC

That is an argument that I have heard when talking to people about this but there is one issue, there have been fighters in UFC without experience getting fights on the pay-per-view. Does anyone remember the two legendary fights of CM Punk’s UFC career? He was a professional wrestler who tried to transition to the fighting world and was out of his league. 

Besides, if that is necessarily true for Jake Paul that he cannot fight in a UFC octagon, wouldn’t that be beneficial to Dana White and UFC? McGregor would pumble Paul in that case and that would mean everything is back to normal. It also makes McGregor a great opponent in the press conferences and helps bring UFC to the forefront for a weekend event, similar to what Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor did a few years ago. 

Just Sign the Contract Already

I mean this without being sarcastic, where is there a threat in the position of the UFC? McGregor should be able to make this an incredibly one-sided fight and that takes the following of Jake Paul away. Plus, we finally have someone shut up Jake Paul as he has been able to remain undefeated as a professional boxer, albeit competing against lesser talent. However, this is definitely a fight that would sell as it would appeal as there will be people on both sides wanting to see the other get dominated. This seems like a dream fight that will not happen and Jake Paul could have great intentions trying to get UFC to do this for their fighters but it is a pipe dream. 

I do not expect Dana White to agree to the deal because UFC is not going to pay for their fighter’s healthcare, similar to how WWE avoids it in their company for their wrestlers as they are listed as “independent contractors”. As long as the UFC can use this as a loophole that they do not have to expense healthcare to the fighters (who would definitely need a premium coverage with their profession being trying to hurt their opponent), it continues to help the company make more money on the business side of things. 


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