Undefeated Jesse Martinelli eyes 5th straight win: “Let’s Keep This Ball Rolling!”

Jesse Martinelli is quickly establishing himself as a prospect to watch at Shamrock FC. He’s back in action, trying to improve to 5-0 as an amateur contender, against James Bailey (3-2) at Shamrock FC 320 on July 13 in St. Charles, LIVE on FloCombat. Before that, the red-hot fighter spoke with FightBook MMA.

What did you take away from your most recent fight?

I would say that ground positioning was pretty big in that one. Although, I held pretty decent position I think that taking my shots will help me out in the future. You have to realize when is the right time to punch and when it’s the right time to control their current position. I’ve been working on slowing stuff down and picking my shots.

How does it feel to be 4-0?

It’s fantastic. It’s hard work but I’m not looking to slow down any time soon. I’m looking to keep this ball rolling, 4 to 5, 5 to 6, and keep it on going. You know.

How excited are you to get back in the cage next month?

I’m extremely excited. I can’t wait. Even though it’s just this year, I’ve incorporated a lot of training that, as a wrestler, I never did. It feels like I’m a different fighter than the last time back in March. I’m stoked. It’s going to be fun.

What’s the most likely outcome for this fight?

I’m looking to get back to my finishes. I think my third fight went to decision. My last fight was a TKO with a second round Doctor Stoppage. We’ll finish the fight. I don’t look forward to going to the third. We’ll work and figure him out in the first round and finish it up in the second round.

How many more fights do you think you have as an amateur?

That’s not up to me. I can put something in whoever’s ear, but ultimately, when the time is right the people up above who are overseeing that decision think it’s the right time, we’ll go with it. I’m not opposed to it, but there’s a time and place for everything. I’m still learning. I’d give it three or four more fights and see where we’re at then.