UPDATE: JR HICKS back from JacksonWink, takes fight against the “Hitman”at VFC in Junction City, Kansas Feb 3

UPDATE: JR HICKS back from JacksonWink, takes fight against the “Hitman”at VFC in
Junction City, Kansas Feb 3 at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center.

Junction City, Kansas (Sun, January 7, 2018)– I caught up with Hicks today to discuss his new fight, and anything fighting. Hicks will face Justin (the Hitman) Henry. First I asked how his first experience at Jackson Wink was, which he stayed 7 days in the facility dorms, training with World Class Pros, around the clock, non stop, and a lot of it in a UFC size Cage, with World Class coaches and training partners.

HICKS: It’s f***ing awesome to have that many people dedicated, motivated, in one place, at the same time, and to be able to train with them in a full size UFC cage, all hours of the day and night.

Hicks led on that he practiced w coaches 3xs per day, plus more, outside of coaching time,
sparring etc with others in the free time till late into the night.

HICKS: It really helped my cardio being at 5,000+feet elevation, in combination with training with world-class fighters, then coming back here, (Iowa) I have cardio for days.
I asked how he got this next fight with VFC, which would make it 2 in a row, which is the main reason I wanted to know.

*RECAP-Nov 22, 2017 Hicks had a bout with VFC’s 185 Ammy Champ for which Hicks dropped the Champion within seconds, and then shortly after landed another heavy right hand, stunning the Champion once again, ultimately it appeared Hicks hit the gas more so, taking the Champion down, but almost instantly Hicks was submitted via triangle choke, and in about 60 seconds, it was already over. Even in a loss, Hicks still displayed some devastating striking potential.

HICKS: I had liked a post by VFC the night before, then the next day they offered me the fight, and I accepted Hicks at one point added, one other thing that intrigued him was the females at Jacksons were sparring equally hard with the men, and he actually stated “ these women could actually beat some male fighters”. Hicks mentioned before his last fight he had added a lot more turkey to his diet, as a great lean meat, easier to digest than beef, and less fat. he credited this change to making his weight cut easier. I asked Hicks if he had a fight prediction?

HICKS: Spinning elbow KO 2nd round.

Following Hicks fighting career for a solid year now, I didn’t expect that kind of prediction from him, which I said to him, because that’s not part of his offense I’ve seen him demonstrate ever, during a fight, which I vaguely stated to him.

HICKS: It (spinning elbow) feels good and I feel like I have a lot more control of my opponent, and precision when I strike now. I was impressed how they (Jacksons) could fix my technique. That’s what 3 practices a day does with the best in the world.

Hicks wanted to thank his sponsors and supporters:Valarie@ Patton Eugene Photography, Eazy Auto Repair, Joe Anson, Cody Daughtery, Steel Curtain Construction, and a special thanks to Coach Alex at Jacksons, for spending so much time with him on his striking.

*This story SPONSORED by: Patton Eugene Photography, Municipal Connections, Talon Muay Thai & Fight Gear

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