UPDATE: WAKO USA Media Director KJ Kordick Health Improving

When I spoke with the head of media for the USA Kickboxing Team this week, she was in positive spirits, steadily improving. Most important, her sense of humor had returned, as she slowly returns to her media duties. Kordick, missing out on the WAKO USA National Championships last month, expressed regret unable to attend this event.

Kordick: “Nothings like helping plan an event, then not be able to attend” Some former WAKO USA fighters have gone on to signings by big league promotions like Omari Boyd signing with Glory Kickboxing. The Nationals took place at the Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville, TN. 236 fighters, 85 different gyms, 29 different states, over 160 bouts. This tournament was to qualify to compete on Team USA in The World Championships in November in Italy and also was a qualifier for the 2022 world games in Birmingham, Alabama. Experiencing major growth recently, KJ is determined to help continue, and increase WAKO USA’s momentum. Be on the look out as Kj Kordick will be Kickin’It with inteviews and updates soon from the athletes who competed.

Kordick: “Considering the risk of the Pandemic, in combination with my recent medical issues which puts me in the high risk category. I felt it was in my best interest to stay home to watch the WAKO USA National Championships athletes on PPV vs attending in person. I was extremely impressed with their performances. I understand exactly what it takes to become Champion at the WAKO USA National Championships. WAKO TEAM USA Kickboxing as a sport is here to stay. I am not only happy, but excited to be involved, and of course look forward to the sport of WAKO USA Kickboxing as we head towards the World Games 2022 taking place in Birmingham, Alabama.”

Look for my next report on the results of the WAKO USA Kickboxing Nationals soon to be released, so you can keep track of, and stay up to date with your current or future favorite American kickboxing athletes.


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