USAKA & Tremko MMA Official Results, Recap and Photographs

EDGEWOOD, NM (Tuesday May 15, 2018)– The USAKA & Tremko MMA had their first event which included kids kickboxing and MMA. The event took place on Saturday May 12th, 2018 at the Edgewood Soccer Field.

The event had a lot of fighters of Chavez Karate, Judgment MMA they also had a fighter from Texas from Jackson Wink MMA and Zia Fight Club. FightBookMMA had the opportunity to cover this event, below you will find the official results and photographs of the event.

To start off the night we saw kids kickboxing and the first fighters to step in the cage was Kaylien Seifkes as she took on Alijandra Chavez. Both fighters looked ready to face each other and as soon as the bell rang Alijandra wasted no time but start trading combinations of punches and kicks. Kaylien was taking those shots like a champ but it was just too much for her and the ref had to stop the fight. ALijandra wins the fight in the first round via TKO. Up next was Miguel Agular and Clinton Elison this was a very technical fight because in all 3 rounds these two put on a show for us. Miguel picked his shots while Clinton just wanted to end the fight by dropping bombs. This was pretty much how all 3 rounds were and the judges picked Miguel as your winner.

Next up we had William Medlin taking on Dillon Duguet. This fight started off quick as both fighters wasted no time and both fighters left everything they had in the cage. William looked the more experienced fighter picking his shots and landing very clean. At one point in the second round William accidentally hit Dillon with a knee, the fight was put on hold for the ENT to check on Dillon one point was taken from William. Dillon the tough fighter that he is said he was fine and ready to get back in the fight. Through out the third and final round was pretty much the same and the judges called this fight a draw.

Up next we saw Kevin Long taking on Efrain Ramirez. Starting off the fight Efrain wasted no time and dropped Kevin took the mount and started his aggressive ground and pound. The start of round two both fighters looked tired and waited for one another to make a mistake to capitalize. Efrain was able to clinch Kevin connecting with viscous body shots and being the more dominate fighter. This continued into the end of round three and all 3 judges gave the nod to Efrain.

The next fight on the card was Cameron Wesley vs. Devon Williams. In all the rounds we saw nothing but heart as both fighters didn’t stop throwing everything they had in the cage. Devon looked the stronger fighter and started to slow down as the fight continued but Cameron was the more technical fighter and landed almost everything he threw. At the end all 3 judges gave the fight to Cameron. Another fight that lasted all three rounds was Alex Jones vs. Nick Gibson. This fight was pretty much the same throughout the rounds, Alex pushed the fight coming in as always as the never quit fighter and Nick looked more the technical fighter. Both fighters connected with their shots and that’s what made this fight very exciting they never stopped just kept on going. The judges gave this fight to Alex.

Justice Bethea took on Andrew Serna another fight that went all three rounds. This was another fight where both fighters had no quit in them. In all three rounds was a back and forth fight at the end the judges gave the win to Justice. Next up we saw Andre Mitchell taking on John Chavez. Both fighters came into to this fight to finish quick in all three rounds both fighters landed and connected their shots. John kept pushing forward but Andre was able to avoid any damage. At the end of all three rounds the judges have the fight to Andre decision. This was the last fight in the Kickboxing portion of the event. The next three fights is the MMA portion.

Starting off the night in the MMA attraction we saw Keith Dawson gong against Marcus Ortega. In the first round both fighters wasted no time and Keith lands a puch that drops Marcus to the mat Keith right away mounts him looking to end the fight with his ground and pound. Marcus the tough fighter that he is, recovered quick and kept his ground making sure he doesn’t get any damage protecting himself until the bell rang. To start off the second round, Keith came in forward chasing Marcus down until Keith was able to connect his combinations until the ref saw enough and stopped the fight. The crowed was not to happy but the ref has to do his job and protect the fighter. Keith defeats Marcus in the second vis TKO at the 1:58 mark.

The next MMA fight was Jake Wilson taking on Joseph Tapia. This fight was quick and the crowed favorite was definitely Tapia. During the first and only round Jake wasted no time and cough Joseph clean dropping him to the mat but Joseph some how was able to end up on full mount as if nothing had happen and started with his ground and pound. Tapia kept on going landing clean shots the ref kept on telling Jake to protect himself but he saw enough and waived the fight. Joseph defeats Jake in round 1 TKO at the 1:22 mark.

The last MMA fight on the card was Chris Fitch taking on Akuma Maters. This fight was an all out war lasting all three rounds. They left everything they had in the cage. During the first round Chris was able to take Akumas back and took him down with a nice suplex but as quick as that was they ended up on their feet trading blows. The start of the second round they decided to feel each other out until they end up in the clinch as they separate they both started trading punches but not really hurting each other. In the third and final round Akum and Chris looked to end this fight until Akuma hurt Chris and took him down with side control and started with ground and pound and dropping knees to the body this lasted until the bell rang. All three judges saw the round 29-28 for the winner by unaumous decision to Akuma.

To all the young fighters that fought on the card keep on going no matter if you win or lose this is how we learn. I want to thank the USAKA and Tremko MMA for the opportunity to cover this event until next time.

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