Valentina Shevchenko vs Liz Carmouche 2019 Review

Fight Night 156 Main Event for the Women’s Flyweight Championship

August 11th 2019

Valentina Shevchenko, the champion took on Liz Carmouche, the challenger in this exciting Main event. These two incredibly talented fighters faced each other, the last time in 2010, where Carmouche won via a TKO (doctor’s stoppage), which was Shevchenko’s one of three losses. The weigh-in in Uruguay showed that both the fighters were calm, focused and also in great shape, this was going to be a great match.

Shevchenko, a southpaw stuck to a simple strategy during the first round, she is a well known counter-puncher, with a strong background in Muay Thai, amongst other martial arts. She planned on standing her ground and her immense confidence in herself was evident. Carmouche on the other hand, came out with a good strategy of her own, she had decided to use her footwork, stepping in and out, combined with feints as well, hoping to catch Shevchenko out . She predominantly used an orthodox stance but sometimes changed it to southpaw ,just to mix things up. The first round ended with neither of the fighters landing anything significant. Carmouche while using her footwork sometimes squared-up to Shevchenko, opening up herself, during the first round, and when she did that at the start of the second, Shevchenko, connected with a front kick. This did not appear to hurt Carmouche much but it shows how well Shevchenko can pick up small traits in her opponent’s fighting style. In the second round, Shevchenko, connected a few combinations, most notably a spinning backfist followed up by 3 punches. Carmouche did not land anything significant. In the third round, both the fighters predominantly, used kicks, in order to strike as they maintained distance from each other. In the middle of the third, Shevchenko connected with a right cross, which grounded Carmouche. Shevchenko did not appear to want to go in for ground and pound or a grappling situation. Subsequently, the fighters grappled again and this time, Shevchenko scored a beautiful takedown. The fighters then exchanged strikes on the floor till the end of the third round. In the fourth round, Shevchenko appeared to be in control, she was striking and grappling well. She hit Carmouche with a backfist, at the end of the fourth round. Over the course of this fight, Shevchenko was proving to be the better fighter and it was evident that the pressure was mounting on Carmouche to turn the fight in her favor. The fifth round was also a show of dominance from Shevchenko as she defended against a takedown attempt and controlled Carmouche on the floor, for most of the round.

Valentina Shevchenko won the fight by unanimous decision. I would like to laud Shevchenko on her mental strength, it would not have been easy for her to fight a veteran like Liz Carmouche who had already defeated her once. Shevchenko fought well and with discipline. Carmouche always had a difficult fight to win, being up against Shevchenko. The crowd in Uruguay were a bit disappointed as it wasn’t a very explosive fight.