“I really feel in my heart that I am the modern day Rocky Balboa & one day I’m gonna get that opportunity I’ve been waiting for”

 Undisputed Iowa MMA welterweight Champion and undefeated kickboxer with 24 knockouts Victor Superman Moreno 3-0 (kickboxing) will challenge the highly experienced Iowa Kickboxer Derek Loffer in a 5 round main event bout for the Pro Middleweight Kickboxing Title at Extreme Kickboxing, a Monte Cox promotion. This Championship fight will take place at the Wild Rose Casino & Resort (Jefferson, Iowa). Moreno highly experienced in MMA with 65 professional MMA bouts has had great difficulty finding MMA fights, and has elected to fight Loffer, outside of MMA just to be able to compete. Loffer a well known pro kickboxer, promoter and coach in Iowa has racked up a 29-3 kickboxing record at 155lbs, now to compete in the 185lbs division for the chance at the belt.

Former M1 Global CEO Monte Cox:

“I was really excited when we signed this main event. You have one of best strikers in MMA in Moreno against probably the state’s best kickboxer in Loffer. It’s a classic matchup.”

Derek Loffer: “I think Victor is a very experienced and tough opponent. It will be an experience for the fans to see.”

Moreno, recently giving up his full time career as an electrician to become a fulltime fighter, allowing him to train in his new gym, full time for the first time in his fighting career. His new gym Absolute Martial Arts and Fitness, in the finishing stages of interior construction, aims to open unofficially Nov 1, with plans for a grand opening sometime around the beginning of 2020.

Most recent Moreno victories include:

Orell Fisher U.D. Kickboxing-Extreme Kickboxing-Main Event

R’mandell Cameron U.D. MMA -Ascendancy Fighting Championship-Main Event

Tyler Vogel TKO Round 1-Midwest Cage Championship-Main Event-Welterweight Title

(Note: Vogel went the distance with now UFC star Ian Heinisch at WSOF almost a year previous to this MCC contest)

Moreno has won 3 of his last 4, with his most recent defeats being from world class fighters:

(Note: at time full time electrician, PT fighter)

1) UFC veteran, current PFL fighter Yuri Villefort via submission in a fight in which Moreno got clipped early, with Yuri quickly securing a Guillotine choke in the Co Main Event Title-Victory Fighting Championship.

2)  KO loss Round 1- Victory Fighting Championship-Main Event Title to UFC/LFA vet and current Bellator fighter Jason Jackson currently on a 3 fight win streak in Bellator and LFA (next bout Bellator 231)

Moreno:  “For the past 15 years I’ve been an electrician full time, that’s what paid the bills. That’s what I did everyday, make money, pay bills. I’ve given all that up. I am now a full time fighter”

Moreno fought several months back for Extreme kickboxing, winning a unanimous decision dropping his opponent twice in the first round. In a fight, taking no damage. I asked Moreno to explain that first experience with Extreme Kickboxing.

Moreno: “I was suppose to fight a short country boy, who backed out at the last minute. The replacement they found me was Orell Fisher, who was nothing like the short country boy, in fact was a shredded athletic black dude. Ya know, that was the complete opposite of what they originally presented me with, but the show goes on no matter what, it is what it is. I’m prepared for whatever, if I just take care of myself the rest will be no problem. As far as the fight, he was a tall athletic black guy that moved a lot. The thing is my experience, my speed, my technigue, and my set ups, is what got him. I won all 3 rounds, knocking him down twice in the first round. I think I got hit maybe one time. It’s all in self preparation. As long as I’m healthy, my mind is right- I can compete with anyone.”

Chrisp: I obviously know you as a mixed martial artist. Why are you doing Kickboxing now, instead of MMA?

Moreno: It’s the only thing I could get with my (MMA) experience. I’m not just a guy who has 65 Pro fights (MMA). I’m a guy who can go in there and compete with anyone, on any given day. There is a high risk to fight a guy like that. If I asked you to fight a guy with 65 fights or a guy with 3 fights, who you gonna pick? It’s tough because I don’t have a manager, I don’t have someone looking out for me. I gotta take what I can get & pray to God someone (upper tier promotions) is gonna notice, and pick me up. I still have a lot of fight left in me. I haven’t taken much damage over the course of my career, that’s what keeps me young, that’s what’s keepin’ me in the game. My biggest attribute is not getting hit”

Chrisp: Why don’t you have a manager, have you had bad experiences, or a money thing?

Moreno:  (pauses) I was getting d*cked around the entire time, I had a manager. Like you gotta get 2 more wins, you gotta take this fight on short notice, you gotta do this, you gotta do that. THAT’S ALL BULLSHIT! Why am (was) I doing all this for them? They weren’t looking out for me. NOBODY was looking out for me. They (previous managers) were just trying to be cool with whoever they were trying to get in with. There’s a lot of those little assh*les that put their fighters in bad spots, why? Just to fill a card? That’s TERRIBLE. Like you’re not on my team, like I’m chopped liver. They should put you in there with someone who is a good matchup for you. Like, why would you put me in there with Jeremy Horn (later to become UFC #1 contender) at 200lbs? You know what I mean? I feel like my career has been significantly altered because of those bad matchups I had taken (years ago), through the advice, from the people who I thought had my best interest in mind. Now, here I am 65 fights deep with over 40 wins-but still, they don’t look at the wins”

Chrisp: Give me a couple more examples of fights you feel weren’t good match ups, due to management?

Moreno: “Jay Heiron (IFL) at 170 on 2 days notice

Jesse Forbes (MTX Audio Las Vegas) at 185 on 1 week notice

There are other fights that made zero sense to take, but I was young & I didn’t know any better. They would tell me to take these fights, then I would be in the UFC, even Pride, at the time. It was all bullshit really, taking advantage of a young ki, ending with broken promises. I really feel like I’m the modern day Rocky Balboa, & one day I’m gonna get myself that opportunity I’ve been waiting for.” (global promotions)

Chrisp: You started MMA where many guys got their start in the sport, then moved on to successful UFC careers, and UFC titles-Toad Holler. You’ve dominated the Iowa scene for a while, defended the Midwest Cage Championship welterweight title many times, where Jeremy Stephens, Max Holloway,  and many others moved on to the UFC, after winning or defending the MCC belt). You have been a Pro MMA Champion more than once, for a good amount of time, in more than just 1 promotion. You are undefeated in Bellator at 170, you’re only loss in Bellator is to now, UFC superstar Anthony Smith up from your usual weight class, to 185 (via triangle choke round 2). In the past you have said to me, “but they don’t call me back.” What is the response you get from people now days after being on top so long in Iowa,  with your experience level and continued desire-to not get a global promotion, multi fight offer yet?

Moreno: “Some people are sick of hearing about it after so long. I get asked a lot, are you still fighting, are you still in it?  YEAH, F*CK YEAH! I’m not where I want to be yet, ya know…and how dare you ask why I’m still doing this, just because you’re not capable of chasing a f*cking dream! You know what I mean? I have people come up to me & say I can’t believe you are still doing this. Oh, you can’t believe it because you’re not willing to take the steps needed? I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get to there man. I’m opening a gym, I signed a 5 year lease that takes me up till I’m 40 years old. I’m giving myself every opportunity to be what I wanna be, to do the things’, I want to do. I’m just a guy chasing a dream. I’m trying to do what feels right in my heart. It’s in my blood, it’s what I do. I love fighting, I love competing, I love this sh*t!

Chrisp: I assumed Loffer was fighting you at welterweight, but he’s fighting you at middleweight, 2 weight divisions up from his regular lightweight division?

Moreno: “(Sighs) Yeah, my training is always top notch, I don’t want to go into a fight not in shape. I’ve done that before & it’s the worst feeling in the world, to not be able to defend yourself. He (Loffer) used to fight at 155, now he’s fighting at 185? Unless you’re making huge gains in the weightroom, that’s not good. I’m 186 right now, I feel great.  If he’s not training the right way, he’s gonna pay for it.”

Moreno goes on to add, every hour he is not in the gym, he is with his family, every hour he is not with his family, he is in the gym. Now, that he doesn’t have to be an electrician 8 hrs a day, then go to the gym exhausted. Stating, he can’t work out of the back of a van anymore (electrician) and that he belongs in the gym. He doesn’t have to go in to train after work exhausted anymore, instead he starts training, fresh everyday, now. Stating it makes a big difference.

Moreno: “This is a fulltime time thing now”

Chrisp: Tell me more about your gym and training

Moreno: I have no MMA team around me at the moment. I have a few guys I train with. This is all being built from the ground up. I’m starting a new gym with no clients. I have nooo clients & no MMA team around me.This is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken in my entire life. I got my youth training certificate, that’s where my focus will be, training kids. Not just martial arts, but speed, agility, and coordination to become athletes. To get them on the right path, to be successful in their lives. This is gonna be a family business. My kids will be at the gym everyday. As long as I stay faithful to God, faithful to my family, & friends around me…this is gonna be the best thing I’ve ever done.”

I asked Superman what programs will he have available at Absolute. He went on to say he will have many types of programs such as cardio kickboxing, circuit training, martial arts, strength training, self defense, several levels of striking programs, private lessons, and more.  He also encourages people with questions to follow up for more detailed information at, or to message the gym on Instagram, his personal instagram at Vmoreno, or Victor Moreno on Facebook, where you can also get tickets from  him..

Tickets: $50 ringside, $35 general admission in advance/$40 at the door, table seating $45 each

Chrisp: Are you planning to build your own a MMA team?

Moreno: Yes, I’m gonna build a team, I’m gonna do everything I can.”

New Gym Info:

Absolute Martial Arts and Fitness

5421 N.W. Beaver Drive in Johnston, Iowa (Des Moines surrounding area)

Price: $100-120 monthly


Instagram: AbsoluteMartialArtsandFitness

Website: Absolute-MartialArtsandFitness

“My biggest attribute is not getting hit, being safe, and understanding those things. If someone wants to get in shape, and learn to protect yourself, Absolute is the place for you.”

I went on later to ask Moreno about how his gym is gonna address bad vibes in his gym, for example- people out on bond for serious charges, or those who continuously seem to find trouble to whatever degree.

Moreno: I’ve been around, and I have seen a lot of bad people in my life. That was part of my childhood. I can tell when I see a bad person, by their vibe, by their aura, the way they walk, the way they carry themselves, the way they speak, ya know. Just by the way you are…I can tell. If I have to do background checks, I will. I want people to be excited to come here, get a good workout, and have fun!  I will do whatever I have to do to keep my environment as safe and fun as possible. Life is too short for bullsh*t.That’s another thing, I’m not teaching people these moves so they can go out and practice them in the street. I’m teaching for sport.  I want them to have that feeling of-I know I’m gonna get a good workout, I know it’s gonna be tough, I’m not going to the gym to get my ass beat. That’s not what it’s about. I want this place to be a fun, exciting, safe, positive environment that members are excited to go to.”

Superman plans to win this next title, then win his next MMA headliner already scheduled with the strategy in mind of catching the eye of the bigger, global promotions.

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