VIDEO – BRAVE CF 48 Results: Hassan Fakhreddine uses his boxing to knock Abdel Menen out

Hassan Fakhreddine, BRAVE CF Middleweight World Champion Mohammed Fakhreddine’s younger brother, made a huge statement at BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night by knocking out Eslam Abdel Menem in the very first round.

Fakhreddine and Abdel Menen have been promising a stellar contest since the weigh-ins, when they started a heated war of words, which included a fairly unusual bet, with Hassan saying he’d cut his hair off in case he didn’t get the win. The action inside the cage did not disappoint but, unfortunately for Menen, it was all in Fakhreddine’s favor.

From the first moment, Hassan took control of the action and put his boxing to work, controlling the distance, landing powerful shots, and hurting Menen in the clinch. Once they split, Fakhreddine went for it and dropped Eslam with a liver shot and finished the job with a couple of hits.

After the bout, Hassan said he’ll carry the family’s legacy in MMA but made sure to point out the differences between him and his older brother. “I love my brother, he’s a huge inspiration. But he’s Mohammed and I am Hassan. I’m gonna write my own story. I’m moving down to 170 pounds after this fight and I’m gonna keep winning”, he said.

VIDEO – Hassan Fakhreddine drops and finishes Abdel Menem:


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