Video – Diego Sanchez hung inverted, punched and kicked by Joshua Fabia in leaked footage


In some more bizarre, and quite frankly, sickening footage surfacing of the training methods employed by Joshua Fabia, the School of Self Awareness leader can be seen punching and kicking the head and body of former UFC lightweight title challenger, Diego Sanchez as he hangs inverted. 

In a video posted on YouTube, which has since been deleted by the uploaded, Albuquerque native, Sanchez can be seen practicing what appears to be breathing techniques, before the video cuts to him suspended invertedly from his ankles.

As Fabia enters the frame, he asks whoever is recording the footage if they are rolling, before crouching beside Sanchez, who has his hands covering his face, before Fabia begins punching and slapping Sanchez on the top of his head and his chin. 

Reverting to a standing position, Fabia begins throwing round kicks toward Sanchez’s head and body, before even attempting a couple of knee strikes. 

As the footage continues, it cuts to Sanchez, now stood in a fighting stance inside a boxing ring, blindfolded. Also appearing in shot again, Fabia is holding what appears to be a black belt, as he begins whipping at Sanchez who is attempting to circle away and defend, blindfolded before Fabia eventually exits the ring.

The footage, which has since been deleted by the uploaded — resurfaced on social media last night, with many Twitter accounts reposting and sharing the footage. 

Fabia has been a prominent figure in Sanchez’s corner and team since UFC Fight Night Rio Rancho in February of last year, where the New Mexico native picked up a controversial disqualification win after Michel Pereira landed an illegal knee. 

Scheduled to take co-main event honours at UFC Vegas 26 today in a proposed retirement fight against former training partner, Donald Cerrone, Sanchez was pulled from the card and released from the UFC last week, after concerns were raised by promotional lawyer and Chief Business Officer, Hunter Campbell regarding Sanchez’s wellbeing.

In a leaked audio call on Sanchez’s official Instagram, Campbell enquires why Fabia had requested that the UFC’s medical team provide all of his client’s medical history over his sixteen-year stay with the organization.

Expressing concern if Sanchez was experiencing any short or long-term medical issues, Campbell informed Fabia during the conversation that he would be sending an official email to determine if Sanchez was able to compete. 

When neither Fabia nor Sanchez’s attorney would confirm is Sanchez was experiencing neurological issues, he was pulled from his fight with Cerrone, and subsequently granted his release from the promotion after a sixteen-year stay with immediate effect. 


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