VIDEO: Watch a full fight of Mounir Lazzez’s debut victory in an epic war ahead of Brave 23

Mounir Lazzez has the biggest fight of his life, this Friday (19), on Brave 23: Pride and Honor, which takes place in Amman, Jordan. He will take on decorated wrestler Eldar Eldarov with the first-ever Super Lightweight world title up for grabs. “The Sniper” was able to credential himself as a title contender with a historic battle against Dimitrijs Homjakovs, back at Brave 16, in September of last year.

The two fighters literally went to war as they traded punches throughout the first and second rounds before Lazzez got the upper hand and finished Homjakovs with a series of blows that would have floored stronger fighters.

The bout was considered an instant classic and is ranked amongst the best fights in Brave Combat Federation history. Brave’s play-by-play commentator and MMA pioneer Kirik Jenness described Lazzez x Homjakovs as “the best fight I’ve ever watched”.

Lazzez himself is aware of the impact the fight itself had in his career and at Brave Combat Federation as a whole and claimed it was “the best fight in Brave CF history”.

“I don’t think this was just one of the best Brave fights. It was the best. There were some influencers that were voting for other fights in 2018 in Brave’s social media, and they were boring fights. I’m not a social media guy, I devote my time to training. But the specialists have voted for my fight. It was amazing”.

Watch Mounir Lazzez x Dimitrijs Homjakovs go to war back at Brave 16 in the video above.


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