VIDEO: Watch Ottman Azaitar vs Danijel Kokora from Brave 14

Brave Combat Federation had released the full fight between Ottman Azaitar and Danijel Kokora at Brave 14. Ottman closed the distance in the opening round with unanswered aggression to knockout Kokora in a fight which is the 2nd fastest knockout in the history of Brave Combat Federation. The bulldozer is currently undefeated with a 11 fight winning streak. The lightweight champion, cleared to compete representing Morocco with days remaining before the event.

Meanwhile the fight marked a road block for Kokora who was having a run with 8 wins in his past ten appearances and with 30 professional fights in his career. The youngest of the Azaitar brother was asked regarding the future of lightweight championship which is the only title yet to be announced to be defended in the promotion. You can watch the full fight above.