The bad blood between Matt Taven and Vincent has not waned during Ring of Honor’s hiatus from running live events.

During Taven’s appearance on the upcoming episode of the “ROHStrong Podcast,” I went against my better judgement and allowed Vincent onto the show after he insisted on coming on to deliver a message to his former friend.

Let’s just say Vincent wasn’t calling to wish Taven well. They proceeded to engage in a war of words that unfortunately ended what had been a fun and informative show on a bad note.

Before Vincent hijacked the podcast, Taven spoke about a variety of subjects, including his recovery from ankle and knee surgery, his 60-minute classic with Jay Lethal, winning the ROH World Title at Madison Square Garden, loyalty in the pro wrestling business, the bond he has with his fans, working for CMLL, the infamous George “The Animal” Steele incident and much more.

The episode drops on Monday, June 1 and can be heard on and most podcast platforms.


“The Mercenary” Flip Gordon signing a multi-year deal to remain with ROH is great news. The deal was announced by Quinn McKay on the premiere episode of “ROH Week By Week.”

Gordon is one of the top young stars in the sport and I believe it’s a question of when, not if, he’ll be wearing ROH gold around his waist.

Over the past year and a half, ROH management has done a fantastic job of both retaining its top stars and signing coveted free agents.


Speaking of free agents, Danhausen has been given a glimmer of hope that his dream of landing a spot on the ROH roster could become reality.

At the end of “ROH Week By Week,” Danhausen called “The Villain” Marty Scurll to ask for a job. Scurll told the very nice, very evil one he had never heard of him and to never call him again. However, Scurll said he was willing to have ROH release a Danhausen t-shirt, and if it sells well, he might consider putting his name in a hat for a job at Ring of Honor.

So to steal a line from Lloyd Christmas, Marty’s telling him there’s a chance.

Meanwhile, the online campaign to get Danhausen hired by ROH continues.


This week’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” spotlights two-time ROH World Champion RUSH and features his title-winning match against Taven at Death Before Dishonor and his title defense against Jeff Cobb in the U.K.


I don’t know exactly what Dalton Castle’s new YouTube series, “Dalton’s Castle,” is all about, but I do know this: It will be fun.

The show will air on Tuesdays at noon Eastern, beginning June 2.


The second edition of ROH Trivia Night on Zoom may have been even more fun than the first. On a side note, Ian Riccaboni won’t win any popularity contests if he keeps it up with those math questions.


Check out the season finale of ROH ambassador/former ROH owner Cary Silkin’s podcast, “Last Stop Penn Station.”

The episode is titled “Going to the Garden” and is co-hosted by Riccaboni. There are no math problems on the podcast, although Silkin does reveal how to make $40,000 in one day. 


ICYMI: As part of ROH’s ongoing commitment to enhance HonorClub, 50 matches from past events will be added to the archives every Friday, beginning this week.


It sure has been a rough couple of weeks for the pro wrestling community. Many of us are having difficulty coming to grips with the tragic death of Hana Kimura at 22.

My only interaction with Hana was to shake her hand at a few ROH live events she was appearing on, but even in those brief moments it was apparent she could light up a room. A video of Hana having fun backstage at an ROH show posted on Twitter by her friend Sumie Sakai perfectly captured her personality.

I extend my deepest condolences to Hana’s family, friends and fans. 


Until next time, keep safe and stay #ROHStrong!

Author Kevin Eck. He’s a veteran pro wrestling journalist who has worked for The Baltimore Sun, WWE and WCW before joining


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