WAKO USA Media Director KJ Kordick Diagnosed with Dystonia

Former Jr.Olympic athlete KJ Kordick suffering from a serious medical condition dystonia, her husband told FightBook MMA earlier this week. Kordick, was not available for comment. The former Jr Olympic basketball player, is suffering from severe symptoms, one risks weakening her immune system further. Most are not aware the Media head, donates her entire WAKO USA salary to support fighters on the WAKO USA kickboxing team, then volunteers for several non profits on top of that.

December 2019 Kordick suffered from many symptoms resulting in the discovery and removal of a large tumor found sitting on some of her internal organs, forcing her withdrawal from several important event she explained, then. With the WAKO USA Nationals and a WAKO USA event at Roufus Sport training center fast approaching, it was unclear when KJ could return to her duties. Her husband went on to explain, 

“Karie is very ill with her dystonia, and autoimmunity problems. Because Karie is high risk for the Covid virus, that’s the last thing she needs. It is common knowledge that Karie goes through a lot to stay healthy and means she has hidden struggles. Right now Karie is in the recovery stage and we’re hoping she will make the Nationals. Once we get her nervous system to calm down and she is out of risk of having seizures, that cause severe migraines and paralysis.”

He goes to share she did an interview with Chad Tubio wanting to get sick during, gutted it out for Wolfpack motorcycle club and Make-A-Wish Foundation events. Kj’s Loyalty to Rob Zbiliski, Alan Goldberg, also the underdog fighters helps keep her fighting to not let a chronic disease hold her back from helping others. 

At the  time of Brad’s comment he said she managed to give a thumbs up, saying “WAKO USA.” 

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One of Karies biggest supporters is puppy mill survivor Princess Ava, both missing one another, and will be glad when this situation can calm down some. 

You check out Princess Ava at her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PuppyMillSurvivor/

I will bring you updates, and more on her motorcycle club project, stay tuned.


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