War of words rage between Hadbi and Jarrah

Tahar Hadbi responded to the statement issued by Jarrah Al Selawe which is currently one among the much debated topics in the Middle Eastern MMA. During Brave 12: KHK Legacy hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tahar Hadbi suffered a fracture in his left hand during his bout against Jarrah Al Selawe. The bout still went to the judges who awarded the bout to Jarrah Al Selawe by unanimous decision. Hadbi posted the X-Ray of the fracture and issued a statement on his personal social media profile stating that the fracture was suffered during the first round of the fight which prevented him from dominating all the three rounds.

Al Selawe retaliated with a strong statement which negated the details claimed by Hadbi. Al Selawe stated that the injury occurred during the third round and both Al Selawe and Hadbi is aware of the exact point of time when the injury occurred. The statement had a strong impact in the MMA world and was covered by the journalist from Arabs MMA – Zahi Ephrem. The response was aggressively debated in the Middle East and France.

Hadbi responded to Al Selawe in the end, however the debate is set to prolong more details are to be revealed in the coming day. “Of course we were both inside the cage. You were unable to finish me even with an arm broken from the first round. You were trying to convince me and the fans that it was at the third because I had won the first round. And many people believe the same for the second round. The truth is that my left arm and hand were already weakened because of intensive Muay Thai sparring in my training camp. I have medical records, but I decided to go ahead and fight you. Despite the decision win, you were not able to do anything, and of course, in other conditions, I would have beaten you and I will prove it in the future.” responded Hadbi.

However the coaches of Jarrah Al Selawe and Tahar Hadbi refrained from any comments alongside their team mates. Both Kingdom Fighters from Jordan and ObyFight from France have not commented about the situation.


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