Watch NWA POWERRR’s season finale on FightBook MMA at 6 p.m. ET

As the National Wrestling Alliance gears up for it’s 2nd 2021 PPV, (‘When Our Shadows Fall’: live June 6th at 4PM EST), NWA POWERRR presents a thrilling season finale. Exclusively on NWA POWERRR, and only on FIghtBook MMA on the FITE TV Network. Tonight at 6:05 PM ET.

In wrestling action:

Thunder Rosa vs Kamille; as Kamille’s #1 contendership is on the line against Thunder Rosa’s contractual freedom to work any wrestling organization other than the NWA. 

The War Kings face Champions Aron Stevens and Kratos for the NWA World’s Tag Championships. 

NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis takes on Mims in a Special Exhibition Match. 

And in our main event: a 14-man Battle Royale. Whereby a single winner will face Nick Aldis at ‘When Our Shadows Fall’ for the vaunted NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. 


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