Watch Venum’s new video called “We Are Artists”

Venum published a new video called “We Are Artists” and you can watch the full feature in the video above. The video follows the journey of an up-and-coming fighter from his childhood to his dream of becoming a UFC fighter.

Straight from the Youtube description:

#Art can be defined by the expression or application of human creativity, skill, and imagination.

Mixed martial arts meets this definition head-on. Our favorite #MMA fighters display much more than sheer athletic performance every time they step into the UFC’s octagon. We have the opportunity to witness skill, creativity, discipline, dedication, and technique, which when bought together exceed the very definition of art.

Live the inspiring story of a fighter, an artist, on their way to the #UFC dream, and all the difficulties and adversity faced while drawing on the strength in their art.

At Venum, we want to highlight that fighting is an art form similar to painting or sculpting. Join the conversation by using #weareartists and follow us on socials to keep up with new exclusive content.


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