What are the most convincing arguments against combat sports?

The intensive guide runs through all about combat sports and some of the convincing arguments that people have put forward so far. Combat sport has different forms and has been in existence for more than 2000 years. The rule of playing is simple, two equally matched opponents or combatants fight to prove more social dominance by using pre-arranged fighting techniques. Competitors can use a variety of techniques with one common aim to seduce the opponent. 

Harming opponents, however, raises the question of whether it is ethical or not to allow such sport at a broad spectrum; where the main aim is to harm others physically to win the game. 

Many health experts suggest different measures need to be adopted to mitigate the health risks of participants. Read on to know more about the pros and cons of combat sport and whether one should choose it as a career or not.

What is a combat sport

A combat sport is more like an intense one-on-one fight where one contestant wins by scoring more points than the opponent or by disabling him. In other words, victory is achieved if you continue to blow or punch on the head to an extent that the opponent is unable to resist.

 Various kinds of combat sports obey different rules and regulations and allow you to use a certain set of skills and moves. For example, in boxing, you are allowed for taekwondo, kicks, and punches. Modern mixed martial art is more like the Greek Olympic sport of pankration allowing various gripping and striking techniques to get an edge over the competitor. 

The popularity of the sport is more among men and participation was also exclusive to men until 1993. There are over sixteen different kinds of combat sports including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, wrestling, fencing, boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai, Sumo, and more.

Combat sport has the potential to improve physical health

Notwithstanding the aggressive and violent nature of combat sport, GOOD can be found in them. Combat training is the best when it comes to keeping oneself in good shape. Many fans and experts suggest combat sport encourages discipline, better physical health and provides a way for youngsters to stay away from poverty. It also teaches some strength building exercise and diet emphasizing how to look after the body. 

Such sports inculcate self-defense skills that improve self-esteem and help you to better defend yourself if physically assaulted. Some youngsters who want to make their way in the profession should consider learning how to take care of their bodies – gyms like ERA Fit have acquired the best set of expertise to prepare anyone in a way so he or she can fulfill all requisites for combat sports.

Six Most convincing arguments against combat sport

Despite a lot of benefits, combat sports do have some convincing drawbacks that stop youngsters from opting for it as a career. Here are the dark sides of combat sports that strike the mind whenever we discuss any of its forms.

1.   Morality

Does it seem morally acceptable that a human being purposely harms the head of others to win points as in boxing? However, there is no denying that such reckless tackles are being allowed in Soccer, ice hockey, or American football yet one does not get the victory by doing so. 

2.   Combat sports don’t make you rich

Choosing a combat player as a career may appear an easy way to be rich yet the reality is different. Apart from the high health risks, combat players often get exploited economically. Their earning is nowhere near to celebrities, comedians, footballers, or cricketers. There have been a lot of combat successful players that died penniless. 

Gerry Cooney, a renowned boxer said, ‘all sports have a safety net except boxing when the fighter is through, he is through; the management team remains excited when he is fighting, but now that he is done, the management team will start moving on’.

3.   Fight injuries cause serious health issues in later life

Injuries are inevitable in combat sports – especially, when you are in the practicing phase the chances of getting a serious injury are more likely to happen. A wrong kick, fall, or strike can end up in broken limbs. If you want to avoid the chances of getting hurt, be sure to be cautious while practicing. 

It is safer to practice under the supervision of a mentor to eliminate the chances of getting injuries. Medical experts suggest the head injuries that fighters ignore can have serious health issues in later life.

4.   It glamorizes violence

Combat sport inadvertently glamorizes violence.  The violent culture is gaining prominence and acceptance through physical aggression. It can give children entirely a wrong message and can spread aggression, anger, and violence in times to come. Therefore, many people suggest that such sports should be banned.

5.   Combat sport is barbaric

Combat sport is more like an organized physical assault, it is barbaric and for many people, it is unethical because you heartlessly harm the opponent. Injuries can occur in other sports but in combat sport, it is actually a way to win. 

6.   Fighters go home ambulatory

Since combat sport has various forms but all have one common aim to destroy the opponent in a minimum of time and with the least effort. Combatives—-actual self-defense system gets so fierce that it makes the fight as unfair as possible. And in a typical Asocial Violence situation, anything from poison, darkness, skateboards to Friends, weapons, and cars are permissible. Death is rare in such sports however it is expected that both players can go home ambulatory.


There has been an unending debate on whether combat sport should be banned or not. Fans argue it encourages fitness and builds self-defense skills to improve self-esteem whereas critique argues it glamorizes violence and punching on the face and head can result in serious health issues in the later life of the player. 

Despite the risk and drawbacks of the combat sport, participants participate in their volition therefore they have the consensus and accept all risks posed by the sport. It has been in existence since time immortal yet various amendments are needed in combat sports to make it more morally and socially acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most deadly form of combat sport?

Silat is more deadly and more injuries are expected. The injury rate is more than Boxing and Pankration matches combined.

What are the combative skills?

Different combative sports including martial arts, boxing, and fencing build self-defense as well as counterattack skills. Players will have better mind connection and visualization skills and also improve planning and goal-setting skills.

What are the health benefits of combat sports?

Apart from better health conditions, immobilizing the adversary without harming yourself will help you understand some notions of defense. You better manage reflexes and get streamlined coordination in the movement.  Thus, you get a better knack for self-control and learn how to manage emotions more wisely.

What combat sport makes the most money?

In terms of prize money, boxers tend to get more than typical MMA fighters. Combat sports athletes employ other ways to make money including coaching, seminars and even some make additional bucks by releasing instructional DVDs.


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