What made Muhammad Ali ‘The Greatest’ in the ring?

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Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer of all time, period. Sports fans from all over the world believe Ali is by far the most important person ever to enter the ring and we share their opinion.

According to the report, 59% of people think that Ali is the best boxer in history, leaving Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson miles behind at 19% and 16%, respectively. But the truth is that way too many boxing fans could not explain what makes Muhammad Ali “The Greatest” in the ring.

Our goal is to go beyond emotional responses and really explain what makes Ali better than any other boxer in the history of the sport. Here are our reasons.

  1. An all-around career

Unlike many other heavyweight champions, Muhammad Ali has achieved every professional goal a boxer can imagine. He won the gold medal at the 1960 Olympics and then moved on to become the nearly-unbeatable heavyweight champion in the next decade and a half.

  1. Athleticism

If there is one thing that really makes Ali unique, it must be his athleticism. He is the fastest and most flexible heavyweight boxer the world has ever seen. Ali’s footwork gave him the mobility and helped him avoid even the most ferocious attacks, thus turning him into the finest defender in the boxing world.

  1. Unmatched fighting style

Mohammad Ali is also adored for his fighting style. It was all about elegance, fine movement, and artistry. As Ali would describe it himself, the goal of his boxing is to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

  1. A universal boxer

Speaking of Ali’s fighting style, it’s important to mention that he was truly a universal boxer. Jake Gardner, an expert in law essay help and a genuine sports fanatic, says Ali is not the greatest heavyweight puncher: “On the contrary, he combined his mobility, strength, and aggression in a way that makes him a universal fighter.”

  1. A perfect chin

Many boxing fans and analysts believed that heavy punchers like Liston and Forman would literally kill Mohammad Ali, but he proved them wrong. As a matter of fact, it turned out that Ali had a perfect boxing chin that could withstand even the hardest punches.

  1. Ali is a global champion

Unlike modern boxing stars, Ali was not afraid of traveling abroad and fighting in front of foreign audiences. For instance, he had matches in countries like Germany, Switzerland, the Philippines, Zaire, and Malaysia.

  1. Fighting frequency

Muhammad Ali entered the ring 22 times between 1970 and 1975. As a true champion, Ali kept proving that he was the best of the best in the long run. Such a fighting frequency would be unimaginable in modern boxing where world champions often organize only one or two matches a year.

  1. The improbable return

Every heavyweight champion would retire after spending more than three years in prison, but not Mohammad Ali. He made the improbable comeback to fight (and beat!) heavyweight giants like Joe Frazier and George Foreman.

  1. Ali is a born competitor

You could hear it in his words and you could see it in his fighting style – Ali was a born competitor. He would never give up or admit to being worse, even if the odds were completely against him. This is exactly what made Mohammad Ali the legend that he is.

  1. Heroism

Boxing fans and analysts considered opponents such as Liston, Frazier, and Foreman to be extremely dangerous and possibly life-threatening for Ali. They also thought prison would ruin his career. Ali disagreed and proved to be a genuine hero of life and boxing at the same time.

  1. Mental strength

Other boxers had the privilege to concentrate on their jobs, but not Ali. He had the mental strength and capacity to deal with all sorts of side effects and negative influences coming from the politicians, state authorities, journalists, and all the other stakeholders who did not enjoy Ali’s behavior on and off the ring.

  1. Political and cultural impact

Political and cultural impact is not what makes Mohammad Ali the greatest fighter of all time, but it gives him that special aura that no other boxer (or athlete for that matter) could ever earn.

The Bottom Line

Muhammad Ali is the greatest fighter ever to enter the ring, there’s no doubt about that. People remember Ali by his attitude and unparalleled charisma, but the truth is that Mohammad was simply the most resilient boxer of them all. In this post, we showed you 12 things that make Muhammad Ali “The Greatest” in the ring. Do you agree with our claims? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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