What’s Brock Lesnar’s future with MMA?

Photo Credit: MMAJunkie

As Brock Lesnar continues to perform for WWE despite rumors suggesting that he was on his way out of the company to pursue a comeback to the UFC, it seems that there no end in sight for Lesnar’s career in pro-wrestling as many would argue he’s at least sticking around the WWE until at least “Wrestlemania” season of 2019. It seems however that despite Lesnar wrestling on a part-time base and having intentions on returning to the UFC, WWE still clearly values him on a much higher level than at least most of the wrestlers on the roster, especially with Roman Reigns being out of action.

Meanwhile, as a potential match-up between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar for the heavyweight championship being hyped up by the UFC, it seems this dream-match may have no chance of happening now that there are reports of Cormier retiring soon, thus ending all the anticipation the UFC had for a potential match-up. With Lesnar still being held as world champion in WWE and Cormier potentially retiring from the UFC, what does the future hold for someone like Lesnar in both MMA and professional wrestling?

At the height of his championship reign in the UFC, Brock Lesnar was considered one of the biggest money draws in MMA history, with some even arguing that Lesnar himself was a main driving force in getting the UFC into mainstream appeal. With that being said, Lesnar is also considered one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of the new millennium, with even going back to his first stunt with the company in 2002 as he was being promoted as the “next big thing”. With Lesnar being a huge star in both wrestling and MMA, there’s no reason why Lesnar shouldn’t intend to return to the UFC even if Cormier decides to retire. Especially if he’s working for the WWE, Lesnar can make huge a profit off of both companies, as he’s still remains a relevant figure in MMA.

However, with Lesnar turning 42 years of age next July, Lesnar’s health may not be all the way there if he’s considering another run in MMA, considering Lesnar’s well-known history with stomach issues. If WWE continues to pay Lesnar a lot of money in the near future, then there could be a chance that Lesnar might retire again from MMA again if there’s still concerns over his health. But then again, Lesnar could always have one more fight with the UFC just to see if he’s able to hang with the top heavyweights of that promotion. And on top of that, Lesnar will most likely especially be making a lot of money off of one fight as he previously did back at UFC 200.

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