Why Fighters Don’t Need To Be On Your Podcast


This is probably an interesting title coming from an MMA podcast host, but it is true.


I will be releasing the 200th episode of the Top Rated MMA Show around Halloween this year and I can definitely say that it is true, Fighters don’t need to be on my podcast or yours.

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MMA Podcasts tend to ask all the same questions.  Including myself, at times.  My show is very much about Real Fighters. Real Stories.  I do like to ask where the fighter grew up and what childhood was like.  I ask that because I believe that shows they are human and that they may have had struggles like someone else.


I don’t ask fighters to come on my show for bragging rights.  I ask fighters to come on my show because I genuinely want to know them and hear their story.  I am fascinated with people’s stories because I believe, no matter the story, they could be a World Changer for someone else struggling.


My show by the way usually only runs 10-15 minutes at most.  In that time, my goal is to give the fighter a platform to share who they really are, what they do for mindset, and give appreciation to their team, coaches, sponsors, etc.


There are 1000s of MMA podcasts globally.  How often do you think that fighters get hit up about being on a podcast? I would think that their DMs are filled daily with requests.


Fighters are busy with training, full time jobs, family, etc.  Big time fighters, let’s just say top 15-20 fighters in the major MMA promotions out there.  They don’t have time to speak with a podcast that has a small audience and asks the same questions as every other MMA podcast in the world.


Check out Roxy Modafferi’s post on Instagram here

She says “sorry I do not do podcasts, and only accept interviews set up by my manager.”

Below is the transcription of that video:

In the video fellow fighter Serena DeJesus plays the role of the Interviewer

Serena – “How did you get started with MMA?”

Roxy – “I believe that is on my wikipedia page”.

I get that she might get asked that a LOT, but each podcast has their own audience that may not have heard the story.  Welcome to doing interviews.  Like she mentions, she doesn’t do podcasts. If you’re a fighter, you don’t need to be on a podcast.

Serena – “How long have you been fighting?

Roxy – “Check Sherdog”.

If you are a MMA podcast, shame on you for asking this question.  She is 100% right, check Sherdog or Tapology.

Serena – “How do you feel about your upcoming fight?”

Roxy – “Excited”

Not a good question to ask if you are a podcast.  Roxy is a professional fighter, she knows what she is getting into before signing the contract.

Serena – “How is your prep going?”

Roxy – “Very prepatory”

She is a fighter with over 40 fights,  I am sure she knows how to “prep” for fights.  I am ASSuming that “prep” here means “Training”.

Serena – “What are you working on?”

Roxy – “I’m working on punching and jiu jitsu”

Fighters, Pro and Ammy are all working on the same thing.  Getting better at their craft.   This is a question that I am sure they get tired of answering.

Serena – “Do you want to fight for a belt?”

Roxy – “The belt holds up my pants”

Some fighters fight to fight, but I would think the majority of fighters fight to be the best.  Of course they want to fight for a belt.  If you ask this question, you should probably stop doing a podcast.

Serena – “What’s your favorite anime?”

Roxy – “Check my weigh-ins”

Obviously this question is tailored to Roxy or anyone else that is a fan of anime, but this could be part of a less serious portion of the podcast.  I think it could be a valid question to ask to the right person.

Serena – “How was quarantine training?”

Roxy – “It was very quaranteeny, I did stuff…in secret”

I get that you want to ask a question that is related to world issues, but be smart as a podcaster here.


Look, I know that the video that Roxy and Serena did was satire and I am sure that sure she has been asked those actual questions while being a guest on a podcast.  If you are a podcaster, it’s your job to know your guest. Do your research and don’t be a boring generic host.  Ask questions that flows, have an actual conversation.


Fighters don’t need to be on your podcast, but should they?


I think that the answer to that question is, “it depends”.  If you are an Ammy fighter or a Pro fighter climbing the ranks, it is a great thing to do.  It’s great because it helps you connect with multiple audiences globally.   The awesome thing about podcasts, is that there is no limitation on where it will be watched or heard.


This is a WIN for the fighter, so if you as a fighter want to connect with your audience, I would recommend you do podcasts.  I’m not saying say “Yes” to every request, be picky, be selective, and only say “Yes” when you have a moment.  Family comes before anything else, so take care of your family first always.


Podcasters, if you want to invite a fighter to be on your show, have a good reason for them to be on your show other than the fact that they are a big name and it would help your rankings go up if you had them on your show.  Fighters don’t care about your rankings.


Fighters don’t need to be on your podcast!

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