Why Some Players Make It Further in MMA Promotions?

MMA promotions are violent. Whether we are talking Bellator or UFC, it’s not easy to deny the violent nature of the sport and why people tune in to watch it. However, there are some fighters who have been provenly more successful than others.

In a sport that combines many fighting styles and dirty fighting is indeed the norm, the question of how some can go undefeated is often raised. Nurmagomedov, for example, retired in the wake of his father’s passing and managed to take out all of his opponents in the UFC, going unchallenged.

If you were a betting person and went to https://gg.bet/en/sports/ to place a UFC bet and knew that he would be fighting, you would probably back him up. Yet, we still want to know what makes some fighters so much more successful than others.

Smart or Skilled Fighters – Probably Both 

What makes a fighter succeed are not just their skills. Obviously, physical prowess is important, and without it, no fighter can get very far. Injuries in the UFC are gruesome, and to avoid them, you need to fight well and block your opponent as much as you can.

That is why some fighters tend to cultivate both raw skills but also mindset. Fighters need to stay smart about their opponents. Promotions are built around “trash talking” your opponent or even initiating a fight outside the hexagon.

It’s a rivalry that can quickly get gruesome, but if you give in to this, you are vulnerable. That is why fighters like Nurmagomedov choose to remain calm and prove their worth in the hexagon instead. 

His fight against O’Connor was a clear indication of how the Irish fighter’s antics didn’t get to him, but once Nurmagomedov had him in his hold, he didn’t hold back. 

Can You Expect to Go Undefeated in the UFC?

There are very few fighters that are actually capable of doing that. Some of the fighters to have done that, though, include Shamil Gamzatov, Sean Brady, Jack Shore, and others, but to get there, they had a mix of conditions that have allowed them to be there. 

All of them knew how to keep their cool and to focus on the opponent rather than respond emotionally. Of course, when insults started flying, none of them were quiet, but they still remained focused on proving themselves in the ring, not kicking up a fuss. 

Many of the UFC fighters today have gone through numerous defeats. Many incur stringy medical expenses, and some are even left in bad shape. The UFC is definitely a dangerous sport and one that is not for everyone. However, some fighters are exceptionally good at it. 

(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)


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