Will Daniel Cormier be One and Done in 2019?

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Over the last few months, UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has continuously proclaimed that he will retire after one last fight. Cormier turns 40 in March and is looking to exit on top of the fight game and with a lot of money in his bank account. The idea is for Cormier to fight Brock Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight title sometime between March and July and then retire. Despite Cormier doing his best to belabor this ‘one and done’ fight plan, members of his own fight camp feel that UFC President Dana White can convince DC to fight 2 or 3 more times before he retires.

Cormier’s head coach Javier Mendez publicly spoke about Dana White’s power of persuasion, according to MMAFighting.com:

“If Dana had his way, there’d be three left. And you know what, Dana has a pretty good way of persuading people. I like Dana, so I don’t know — we may see two or three [more fights]. I don’t know, I think so. I think Dana has a way of making things good for DC and making it right, so yeah, possibly. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

These two or three fights include the following bouts:

Daniel Cormier vs Brock Lesnar

The UFC has already laid the groundworks for this fight. The only challenge is finding the right time to schedule the fight. From January through April, Lesnar will be heavily featured in the WWE as this is the run-up to the company’s biggest event of the year – WrestleMania. As the Universal Champ, and the company’s biggest draw, Brock Lesnar will be heavily counted on to help make WrestleMania 35 a huge success.

With that said, the UFC will probably have to wait until April or May before Lesnar can be “free” to fight for the UFC heavyweight title. Nevertheless, UFC betting sites are listing Cormier as a huge favorite over Brock. Currently, online sportsbooks like MyBookie have Cormier listed at -300 and Lesnar listed at +230.

Regardless of Lesnar’s success inside the octagon, his success at the box office and PPV is the reason why the UFC is booking him to fight Daniel Cormier so soon. It’s also the reason why DC wants to retire after this big payday. However, if Cormier really wants to cement his legacy and leave with stacks of cash then he needs to seriously consider the next fight.

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 3

In 2019, there’s no fight that fans want to see more than Jones vs Cormier 3. In fact, only McGregor vs Nurmagomedov 2 can compare to fan desire and PPV buys. However, the feud between Jones and Cormier is true hatred and not manufactured like McGregor and Nurmagomedov. Furthermore, the bad blood between Jones and Cormier began roughly 4 years ago and it appears that this will be a lifelong hatred for each other. The fans know this, the fighters know this, and the UFC knows this. With that said, there’s no way Dana White is just going to sit back and watch Cormier retire without squeezing in a trilogy fight before DC walks away.

Online betting sites have listed this potential fight as a UFC future bet and believe that Jones is the favorite to win. That’s not surprising, since he technically won the first two fights even though the 2nd contest was changed to a NC. Don’t let that fool you because Jones knocked out Cormier in the 3rd round. The surprise with the MMA betting odds is that Jones is such a big favorite at -265 and Cormier is a sizable underdog at +205.

In their first fight, at UFC 182, Jones opened as a -170 favorite and Cormier was a +145 underdog. In their second fight, at UFC 214, Jones opened as a -185 favorite and Cormier was a +150 underdog. Prior to the +205 line for Jones vs Cormier 3, the biggest underdog line for DC was his rematch against Jon Jones, according to BestFightOdds.com.

For the trilogy fight to happen in 2019, two questions will need to be answered:

  • Will they fight at heavyweight or light heavyweight?
  • How stringent will the drug testing rules be?

Cormier is adamant that Jones is a cheater and it’s arguably the biggest hurdle to a 3rd fight. The weight class for which they fight at is also being debated. Jon Jones wants Cormier to come back down to light heavyweight and reclaim his light heavyweight title. However, pundits and fans believe that Jones should go up to heavyweight and fight Cormier for that belt.

Cormier vs Miocic 2

Many fans and pundits are also asking when Miocic will get his rematch for the UFC heavyweight belt. Recently, Cormier addressed this question by stating that if he doesn’t fight Lesnar he will give Miocic a rematch. This is a different attitude for Cormier on the possibility of a rematch against Stipe. For the past few months, Cormier had maintained his position that a rematch against Stipe wasn’t the best financial decision for him since their UFC 226 event tanked in PPV buys. It’s been reported that UFC 226 only drew 380,000 PPV buys. In comparison, Lesnar averages nearly 1 million PPV buys per fight.

It was a surprise as to how bad the UFC 226 PPV buys were considering how much success Miocic was having in the heavyweight division at the time. Stipe was riding a 6 fight win streak and dominating the division with three straight title defenses before running into Cormier, who agreed to come up from the light heavyweight division. Unfortunately for Stipe, the fight was a nightmare outcome. But, for DC, his 1st round KO victory over Miocic cemented his legacy as it made him a champ of two divisions.

Other than Lesnar and Jones, there are no other “big fights” for Cormier. The light heavyweight division is bare and the heavyweight division only offers two “big fights.”

Will DC Only Fight One More Time?

If Cormier is looking to get paid before he retires then he has two more fights left that could make him a lot of money (Lesnar and Jones). But, if he’s looking to get out of the fight game at the age of 40 then it’s Lesnar or Miocic and then retirement.

If Dana White has his way, he would get 3 more fights out of Cormier and then allow the fighter to ride off into the sunset. White doesn’t like leaving big money on the table and that’s what would happen if DC retires after a Lesnar fight. It will take all of White’s powers of persuasion to get Cormier to step into the cage one more time against Jones. If he succeeds, the sport, the fans, and DC will all be better off for it.