WKN is back to Northern Ireland with A ProKick Spooktacular Event

The World Kickboxing Network returns to Northern Ireland on October 31 with A ProKick Spooktacular Event held at Stormont Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

A ProKick Spooktacular Event is the next edition of Billy Murray Promotion. The “made in ProKick” event will see a trio of Northern Ireland’s rising stars – Grace Goody, James Braniff and Jay Snoddon – competing in the championship bouts.

“On March 15, 2020, they stepped into the ring in Tokyo and well and truly made a name for themselves and the Belfast’s ProKick gym (via prokick.com). Grace Goody was crowned K1 amateur kickboxing champion, a first for a female outside of Japan. James Braniff was a close runner up in his final and Jay Snoddon avenged his last Japanese outing with a points win over a tough opponent.

Making their way home from the land of the rising sun, it became clear that they were coming back to a very different Northern Ireland that they had left only a week before. Schools were closing, shops were closing and the gym was also closing. Lockdown had begun. No time to celebrate, no time to share stories, no time to recognise the enormous amount of hard work that they had invested in this part of their journey. Until now…”

Prior to the pandemic Northern Ireland was set to host Kickboxing World Championship – “King of the Ring” – event in June in Belfast, featuring WKN Intercontinental welterweight champion, nine-fight undefeated Johnny “Swift” Smith up against 20-win 19-KO competitor Yohe Fujioka of Japan. The contest with WKN World welterweight title on the line was postponed.

A ProKick Spooktacular Event on October 31 in Belfast will mark a start of a new era of international kickboxing events produced in Northern Ireland. Tickets on sale via shop.prokick.com. More information will follow.

A ProKick Spooktacular Event fight card

  • Grace Goody vs. TBA
  • James Braniff vs. TBA
  • Jay Snoddon vs. TBA

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