World Champ Eldarov says RMMAU “got easy draw” at MMA Super Cup

BRAVE CF Super Lightweight champion Eldar Eldarov is leading the charge for the Kingdom of Bahrain, as he will act as the head coach for Team Bahrain in the upcoming MMA Super Cup, the biggest nation vs nation amateur competition in mixed martial arts.

And Coach Eldar has shared his thoughts on the draw that took place in the beginning of week, claiming RMMAU had an easy draw, while not the same necessarily happened to Bahrain.

Eldarov also sent a message to the remaining teams, that the Kingdom of Bahrain will go all out in search of the win – while Team Bahrain has yet to release their roster for the Super Cup, the nation excelled at the last World Championships, winning first place overall in the senior divisions.

“Russia got an easy draw for MMA Super Cup, but the harder the way, the better the feeling will be when we get this cup,” said Eldar.

The MMA Super Cup will be the first team vs team amateur competition, which will earn national federations prizes ranging from US$100,000 to US$50,000, with an overall pool prize of US$225,000. It will be part of the BRAVE International Combat Week, the biggest combat sports festival in Asia, alongside BRAVE CF 57, the inaugural 2022 event for the fastest-growing MMA organization in the world.


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