XFN 369 recap and results for the 8-Man Kickboxing Welterweight Tournament

Tulsa, OK: Xtreme Fight Night hosted XFN 369 an 8-Man Kickboxing Welterweight Tournament which took place on Friday, February 19, 2021, in Tulsa, Oklahoma at River Spirit Casino. FightBook MMA was in attendance as our correspondent Arlow Jumper has your official results below.

Eight of the toughest Welterweight Kickboxers from across the US showed up to fight in a one-night winner take all tournament. The highly favorite and Dana White Contender Series veteran Matt Dixon was among the eight fighters which also include Ariel Juarez, Spencer Glenn, Jake Lindsey Roderick Steward, Blayne Slavic, Peter Stanonik, and AJ Weathersby. You can find the results below and see who took home the $10k prize.

XFN 369 results:

Welterweight Kickboxing Tournament Quarter-Finals: Matt Dixon vs Ariel Juarez.

Both fighters started off Round 1 in a feel out process landing their strikes and Juarez did hurt Dixon at the final second of the round. Coming into the second round, Juarez tried to capitalize knowing he hurt Dixon but Dixon wasn’t having none of that. The last two rounds could’ve gone either way and the fight was left in the judges hands. Dixon was able to defeat Juarez by a unanimous decision moving him closer the finals.

Welterweight Kickboxing Tournament Quarter-Finals: Jake Lindsey vs Spencer Glenn.

Jake puts on a striking clinic taking the Spencer Glenn. Lindsey didn’t take long to make the 1st ko of the night. Stopping Glenn in at the 1:58 mark with a Tai clinch and a knee to the head. Lindsey moves on to the Semi-Finals to face the highly it didn’t take long for the second ko of the night. The experienced Roderick Steward couldn’t Semi-Finals.

Welterweight Tournament the last Quarter-Finals: Peter Stanonik vs AJ Weathersby.

In an action-packed Round 1 had Weathersby hurt and escaping the round getting saved by the bell. Weathersby stood tall through it all turned up his offense after getting rocked in rounds 1and 2 escaping both rounds by getting saved by the bell. Weathersby put up a good fight that he nearly won losing a close SD victory. Stanonik moves on to the Semi-Finals to face Blayne Slavic.

Welterweight Kickboxing Tournament Semi-Finals Welterweight Tournament: Matt Dixon vs Jake Lindsey.

The heavily favored Dixion takes on the hard striking Lindsey. Dixion put on a perfect clinic of offense and defense. Dixon’s striking carries him to the finals with an impressive unanimous decision victory over Lindsey. Lindsey’s clinch was not enough this time to defeat Dixon. Dixon winning his 2nd of the night on his way to the finals.

Welterweight Kickboxing Tournament Semi-Finals: Peter Stanonik vs Blayne Slavic.

Two action fighters battling to see who takes on Dixion in the finals. Blayne Slavic could not handle the accurate and heavy shots from Stanonik. Stanonik stops Slavic by ko in the 2nd round at the 2:07 mark. Stanonik moves on to the finals to face Matt Dixon to see who takes home the $10k.

Welterweight Kickboxing Tournament finals: Welterweight Tournament finals. Peter Stanonik vs Matt Dixon.

In a surprise upset THE HEAVY HANDED Stanonik KO’s the heavily favorite and fan favorite Matt Dixion in 2:13 of Round 2 and takes home the 10k. winner of the welterweight Tournament Peter Stanonik is the last man standing.


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