XFN 375 Recap and Results

XFN 375 From the Beautiful Buffalo Run Hotel and Casino. On Saturday, November 13, 2021, we saw Oklahoma Kickboxing Icon Alfred Freight Train Walker make his long awaited return to MMA. Walker went toe to toe with the extremely tough and always game for a fight Pablo El Loco Veloquio in the main event for the XFN Lightweight Championship Bout. We also saw XFN Featherweight Championship bout between Kyle Hoffheinz against Tulsa’s own Nick Fields. We also saw the XFN debut of Cameron Vales vs Caleb Fowler. Brittany Thurlo takes on Chelsea Bennett for the XFN Flyweight Women’s Championship. This was a stacked card that guaranteed to be fireworks all night.

1.) MMA Featherweight Bout
John Williams – Joplin MO vs JC Clark – Tulsa, OK
That didn’t take long, in an action packed 66 seconds of the first rnd that seen heavy strikes from both fighters along with some hard take downs. Williams takes home the win via Triangle Choke.

2.) Kickboxing Heavyweight Bout
Milton Edwards – Tulsa, OK vs Christopher Roe – Tulsa, OK
Edwards puts in an onslaught of punishment. Edwards landed the first significant shot of the night a big right hand that Roe never recovered from. Edwards backs down Roe against the cage bombarding roe with big shots leaving referee Kevon Nix no other option but to stop it at the 1:38 mark of round 1. Edwards takes the win via TKO.

3.) Submission Grappling Bout Evan Boyd – Tulsa, OK vs Nikko Starks – Tulsa, OK
In a 5 minute grappling contest didnt take long for Boyd to sink a rear naked choke forcing Starks to tap.

4.) MMA Bantam Weight Bout
Cameron Veales – Okmulgee vs Caleb Fowler – Ft Smith

A very action packed rnd 1 that showed both fighters land some big shots. Round 2 was all Veales who reversed an early takedown by Fowler. Veales kept Fowler there till Veales could force the tapout.

5.)Kickboxing Welterweight Bout
Spencer Glenn – Bartlesville vs Zachariah Kelly – OKC, OK

Only big shots were landed in this one but Kelly’s seemed to do the more damage. Kelly KO’s Glen 2:15 into the first round.

6.) MMA Women’s Flyweight Championship Bout
Brittany Thurlo – Joplin, MO vs Chelsea Bennett Ada, MO

Thurlo came in on a mission to seek and destroy and she did just that. Landing heavy shots in rnd one that continued into rnd 2. The onslaught of heavy shots was too much for Bennett to handle Thurlo gets the TKO at the 1:14 mark of round 2. And the New XFN Women’s Flyweight Champions.

7.) Kickboxing Welterweight Bout Devin White – Dewey, OK vs Roderick Stewart – Abilene, TX
A big round one where Roderick hurt White badly toward the end of the round. White escaped round one after picking himself up off the canvas. White comes out strong in round 2 landing some big shots that lead to a KO of Roderick at the :29 mark of round 2.

8.) MMA Featherweight Championship Kyle Hoffheinz – Joplin, MO vs Nick Fields – Tulsa, OK
In a ground dominated round 1 by Fields. Round 2 was not any different at the :20 seconds into the round Fields gets the verbal stoppage from Hoffheinz via paint brush.

9.) MMA Lightweight Championship Bout
Pablo “El Loco” Veloquio – Pryor, OK vs Alfred “Freight Train” Walker – Muskogee, Ok
Veloquio came out as expected intense took Walker to the ground but Walkers grappling not striking was the difference maker. Walker reverses Veloquio on the ground and ends the fight 2 minutes into round 1 via Ground and pound.

We seen three amazing title fights tonight. The always entertaining Brittany Thurlo came in with her eyes on the prize and put on a display of striking and took home the XFN Women’s Flyweight Championship. We also seen Nick Fields with an impressive display of ground game landing the submission with a paint brush. The main event did not disappoint as Alfred Freight Train Walker proved that not just fighters but champions fight no matter what kind of fighting style it is. As Walker returned to MMA for the first time in six years and he did not disappoint, Walker the Kickboxer displayed an impressive ground game that I’m not sure was expected by the crowd and his opponent. Not just a 2 weight class kickboxing champion but a multi genus champion as he adds the XFN 155 MMA championship to his impressive resume. Walker hinted of a quick turnaround fight to defend his Kickboxing title on December 10th at the River Spirit Casino. Whats next for the versatile, multi categorized champion continue dominating kickboxing, stay with MMA and make a UFC push or maybe a look for an Oklahoma boxing title to complete the hat trick? Right now Walker holds all the cards for his future and the sky’s the limit.


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