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The mid-south longest-running combat sports promotion was on full display at the beautiful River Spirit Casino and Resort’s Party Cove hosted XFN 384: Young Guns. The event sets the stage for the next generation of rising stars in combat sports. Michael Billups takes on Lorenzo Carter, Devin White will do battle against Roderick Thomas, up and comer Malik Thomas will go against Hansel Ten. 

1) Amateur Kickboxing
Trenton Chandler vs Mark Olvera
Olvera early onslaught of offense appeared to be a lot for Chandler to handle. Olvera appeared to fade as the round went on and Chandler capitalized. Olvera appeared to still be winded throughout round 2. Chandler saw and capitalized on out and outworked Olvera all of round 2. Referee Kevin Nix stopped the fight at the 1:32 mark of round 3 due to Olvera being barely able to stand not from strikes but appeared to be from lack of conditioning.

2) Amateur MMA Roberto Jaimes vs Kendrick Dockins
Dockins came out with fireworks. Dockins outworked Jaimes the entire round 1. Dockins even opened up a cut under Jaime’s right eye. Dockins came out continuing with the onslaught in round 2. Dockins stops Jaimes at the 24-second mark into the 2nd round via head kick.

3)Amateur MMA
Travis Ferguson vs Michael Boone
Very Competitive round 1. Both men landed some good shots and both men got a takedown.
Another tough round from both fighters. Ferguson dictated the fight early and on the ground but the resilient Boone turned the tide of the round after getting Ferguson on his back and landing some effective ground and pound to end the round. What a fight and another war for round 3. Ferguson again dictated early and Boone flies the script on him at the end getting Ferguson on his back and landing some more effective ground and pound. Ferguson wins via Split Decision. 

4) Amateur Kickboxing
Gavin Garcia vs Tristan Zinn
An action-packed round 1. Both fighters landed big shots. The body shots played a major factor in this one. Both fighters hurt one another in the body. What a round full of fireworks for round 2. Garcia stalked Zinn the whole round both men landing big shots. Garcia’s appeared to hurt more this round. In a back-and-forth war in round 3 both men gave it all they had knowing the fight was on the line. Zinn comes out on top via Unanimous Decision.

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5) Grappling 1 Minute RoundStetson Mosley vs Naileth Suarez. Suarez wins via Tapout.

6) Pro MMA 155lb
Nick O’Brien vs Raul Garcia
Too much Nick O’Brien tonight. O’Brien’s onslaught of offense was too much for Garcia. O’Brien stops Garcia at 1:47 in round 1 via TKO.

7) Pro MMA 147
Jontae McCowan vs Bobirzhon Tageav
McCowan gets a nasty cut from Tageavs offense. But out of desperation, McCowan closes out the round strong by taking Tageav to the ground and dictating the last half of the round. McCowan found the chink in the striking-minded Tageav and that takes him to the ground. McCowan dominates round 2 after taking Tageav there early and keeping him there. In round 3 McCowan worked his gameplan from round 2 again. Take the striking specialist Tageav to the ground and rough him up. McCowan wins via Unanimous Decision.

8) Amateur MMA XFN Young Guns Champion
Malik Thompson vs Hansel Ten
It didn’t take long for the aggressive heavy-handed well rounded Thompson to dismantle Ten. Thomson wins via rear naked choke at the 00:58 second mark of round 1.

9) Pro MMA
Nick Fields vs Jonathan Watashe
What a 2 round war. Watashe came to put round 1 on fire. With a huge belly-to-back suplex on Fields. But Fields quickly turned the table with some big strikes and a knee to Watashes forehead that split him open and left him leaking like a bad transmission. Watashe never recovered from that big knee to end round 1. Both men came out guns blazing in round 2. Fields got the advantage by taking Watashe to the ground and ending it at the 1:30 mark of round 2 via rear naked choke.

10) Amateur MMA  Young Guns Title Fight
Justin Budd vs Debray Anderson
Anderson came strong big strikes, he worked hard for a takedown but never got it. Budd reversed it by nearly getting a kamora. Budd takes Anderson to the ground and that was it dominated him the ground and sinks the rear naked choke and ends the match at the 1:55 mark of round 1.

11) Pro Kickboxing
Devin White vs Roderick Stewart
Stewarts plan of waiting for a big shot paid off with a big knockdown of White to end round 1. Wow, what a round 2. White came out on fire after being hurt to end round 2. White knocked Stewart down 3 times forcing referee Kevin Nix to stop the match at 2:30 seconds of round 2.

12) Mixed Rules Match 2 rounds of Kickboxing and 2 rounds of MMA
Michael Billups vs Lorenzo Carter
The round was a very strategic tactical round for Carter that lead to him knocking down Billups. Billups even upped the fight by knocking down Carter early in the 2nd round. Now we switch to MMA for the final two rounds. In round 3, Billups gets a late takedown but that was the most action either fighter did. Carter appeared to be bothered by an eye palest the round. To round the first half of the round, Billups dominated it on the ground. The last half was some good exchanges but nothing efficient from either fighter. Billups wins via Unanimous Decision.

13) Amateur Kickboxing
Robbie Rainwater vs Rylie Sanford
Very tactical round by Sanford landing heavy strikes often. Rainwater landed two massive head kicks to the jaw of Sanford to end the round. A very solid round 2 from both fighters. Sandford and Rainwater landed big shots throughout the entire round. In an all-out war to end the fight both men didn’t move much just dropped some big shots to end round 3. Rylie Sanford wins by Split Decision.

The world’s longest-running combat sports promotion XFN showed that the future is in good hands with XFN 384 Young Guns. Big wins from some of the brightest rising stars in combat sports like Michael Billups, Malik Thompson, and some former champions like Devin White on his road to redemption and getting his XFN title back. Two big announcements were made at XFN384 first was the induction of Mr. Dale Cook into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame 2023. The second is quite possibly the biggest match announcement in XFN history on Friday, February 24th at River Spirit Casino Resort Party Cove XFN385 you will former UFC contender and XFN tournament champion Brian Foster. His opponent will be a fellow XFN tournament champion and rising BYB bare-knuckle boxing star Lorawnt Smash Nelson! When two immovable objects meet in the middle of the XFN cage history will be made. XFN is gonna begin 2023 with a bang wait and see. Stay tuned to FightBook MMA for more details about XFN 385 as they develop.


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