Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 370 recap and results

On Friday, April 9, 2021, Xtreme Fight Night presented a night of MMA and Kickboxing Superfights. This event took place at River Spirit Casino Resort in Tulsa, Oklahoma. FightBook MMA correspondent Arlow Jumper was in attendance covering the event. Below you can find the complete and official results.

Some of the world’s hardest hitters collided in this action-packed night of knockouts. The event featured an 8-man tournament champion as Alfred “Freight Train” Walker put his XFN Lightweight Kickboxing title on the line. Also on the cardbwe saw rising MMA stars in the likes of Josh Anderson, Michael “The Hybrid” Billups, and Jimi Natividad.

Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 370:

1.) 133lb Kickboxing Bout Asher Fernandez vs Oscar Jaimes: In a one sided decision it goes to Oscar Jaimes. Fernandez would have done more fighting than showboating he may have stood a better stance. Good win for Jaimes who showed off his superior striking ability.

2.) MMA 142lb Jordan Gloria vs Malik Thompson:
Thompson came in as a man on a mission and mission accomplished. Thompson stops Gloria in Round 1 with an onslaught of strikes.

3.) Kickboxing 170lb Carlos Hernandez vs Devin White: This fight was action packed in all 41 seconds. Devin White wins the battle dropping the bigger bombs and TKO’s Hernandez.

4.) MMA 155lb Title fight Cristobal Renteria vs Tracey Reeder: in the first round, Reeder was saved by the bell. Renteria put on a striking clinic as he outworked Reeder in every aspect and takes home the unanimous decision.

5.) MMA 126lb Raul Garcia vs Jimi Natividad: In a very technical slow paced fight. Natividad wins by unanimous decision in a fight that could have went either way.

6.) MMA Luis Erives vs Josh Anderson: Anderson takes home the victory as Erives injures his knee and was unable to continue.

7.) MMA Arnulfo Velequio vs Michael Billups: In a high octane fight that came out the gates fast. The fight continued that way all the way to the end. In a fight that showed the true definition of MMA true versatility in every aspect. Billups takes the unanimous decision in a solid back and forth fight.

8) 155lb Kickboxing Championship Rome Lindsey vs Alfred Freight Train Walker: During in an intense first round, Walker lost a point for low blows. In the 2nd round, both men looked hurt. Walker was hurt badly with a big right hand from Lindsey, Walker kept his composure after a minute or so and regained his legs. Under a minute left in the 2nd, Walker then lands a hard knee to the liver dropping Lindsey. Rome beats the count only to get rocked by a big left hand from Walker but with only seconds Lindsey got saved by the bell. Walker stops Lindsey via TKO at the 55 second mark into the 3rd round. Walker is declared the XFN double champ and becoming the new 155 Kickboxing champion.


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