Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 372 recap and results

Miami, Oklahoma: For the First time in 16 months, Oklahoma’s longest-running fight promotion XFN returned to Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma for XFN 372. This card was stacked from top to bottom, this card had it all from dramatic finishes to title fights and the return of XFN legend and Tulsa native Haze The Hooligan Wilson as well as some young promising careers continue to blossom like Colton Ham from Ft. Smith who is being trained by another XFN star Bryan Foster with along with some young champions that are stars in the making like Aaron Roberson.

1 MMA Middleweight Bout 3rnds
Vincent Christy -Tulsa, ok vs Debray Anderson – Lubbock, TX
An action-packed Round 1 that sees Debray land the heavier shots that lead to Debray controlling the ground game. It is more of the same in round 2 Debray with the more dominating ground game from a lack of output from Christy in round 2. Round 3 showed more effort from Christy who dominated the ground but he just couldn’t sink any attempt for a submission, the tired Debray Anderson makes through the round and takes home the win by Unanimous Decision.

2.) Kickboxing Featherweight Bout 3rnds Trenton Barr – Miami, OK vs Dylan Deshields – Bartlesville, OK
Wow-what a round 1 Deshields gets dropped hard but gets up. A lot of big shots from both fighters, which lead to big shots after the bell that had even referee Kevin Nix getting clipped with a shot knocking him down to the canvas as he was attempting to separate the two after the bell but Nix showed his resiliency as a former fighter and immediately bounced right back to his feet to obtain order in his cage. Round 2 started like round 1 and ended with big exchanges of big shots that lead to Barr getting the TKO in the first minute of round 2.

3) MMA 3 round
Daulet Katimulla – Lubbock, TX vs Tray Ferguson – Cleveland, OK
Wow-what a minute 1:40 banger that ended with Katimulla stopping Ferguson KO’ing him at the 1:40 mark of round 1.

4) Women’s Kickboxing Flyweight Bout 3rnds for the Vacant Flyweight Championship. Brittany Thurlo – Joplin, Mo vs. Lauren Black – Dewey, OK
Wow-what an action-packed rnd1 that could go either way. This is could be the hardest fight to call tonight another extremely action-packed round 2 that is going to depend on what the judges like better on who they give it to both women displayed precision striking perfectly mixing it up between punches, kicks, and knees. Both women showed excellent use of distance and closing the distance with strikes, I’m glad I’m not a judge for this one. This could very well be the fight of the night with these 2 ladies who came to get it. 3rd round did not disappoint, these two ladies closed the show just like how they started an all-out war. And The New Flyweight Champion Brittany Thurlo, I believe Thurlo’s cardio was the difference-maker in the end, she just seemed to have more in the tank at the end during crunch time what a great fight not taking anything away from Black who fought her heart out and has nothing to be ashamed of.

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5.) Colton Ham vs Aaron Uroan
The most exciting 44 seconds I’ve seen in a fight Ham gets rocked hard in the opening seconds. Ham then pulls guard working Uroan on the ground and sinking a triangle choke in 44 seconds after looking hurt in the first 10 seconds. Ham still took home the W via triangle choke 44 seconds into round 1.

6.) Kickboxing Heavyweight Bout 3rnds Haze Wilson – Tulsa, OK vs Mike Cook – Denver, CO
XFN legend Haze Wilson was too much for Cook. Wilson’s power was too much for Cook to handle the onslaught of strikes was too damaging for Cook. Leading to a big KO from Wilson stopping Cook at the closing seconds of round 1. Which lead to a call out on my personal FB page from Ray Jones who had previously beaten both Cook and Wilson and I quote ” I’ve beaten both the heavyweights on this card. Whoever wins should get the honor a rematch against me 🔥🔥🔥”.

7.) MMA Flyweight Bout Kelvin Martinez vs Adan Adame
Adame got rocked early by Martinez right out of the gate in the very opening seconds of round 1. Adame weathered the storm to take control on the ground for the remainder of the round. In the second round, see the pace slowed down as Adame dominated Martinez controlling him at will on the ground game from the top the entire which lead to an unhappy crowd after an exciting round 1. But they were not finished. What a final round 3, heavy in the exchanges, and Martinez lands devastating leg kicks that were the difference makers in every time they stood toe-to-toe. Between the barrage of leg kicks heavy punches upstairs it was too much for Adame to handle. Martinez finally chopped Adame down with a demolishing leg kick and took his advantage to take a mounted position with big ground and pound shots forcing referee Kevin Nix to jump in, Martinez takes the W via TKO in the 3 round.

8.) MMA Bantamweight Championship 5rnds
Aaron Roberson – Welch, OK vs Arnulfo Veloquio – Grove, OK
Roberson dominated round 1 standing and on the ground! A back and forth ground game round 2 that had Velequio being saved by the bell before he could be choked out by the ever so close Roberson who was seconds away from sinking a rear-naked choke. The 3 round was a little slower that showed Valequio hold the top position the whole round. In round 4, Roberson was dominating the ground with some serious ground and pound in a back forth ground game. Round 5 showed the heart of both fighters who fought through the weariness to battle along, this fight was a great stand-up and ground fight. And still, XFN Bantamweight Champion Aaron Roberson wins a Unanimous Decision victory.

XFN 372 had everything you wanted from a combat sports event. They had dramatic title fights that could have went either way, they had devastating knockouts great fights from start to finish and perfectly ran and put together XFN always proving why they are the longest-running promotion in Oklahoma. Next time they are in Miami, Ok at Buffalo Run Casino, be sure to visit their Food and Beverage Director David Murphy at Coal Creek Restaurant. Not only is this a greatly ran, extremely well maintained upscale establishment the service was top notch Murphy made sure we were very well taken of. We highly recommend the Herb – Brined Double Pork Chops when you visit tell him Arlow from FightBookMMA.com sent you. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Photo Cover Credit: Ryan Stewart Director of Marketing for Buffalo Run


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