Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 382 results and recap

Xtreme Fight Night (XFN), the longest-running MMA promotion, returned to the beautiful Paradise Cove at River Spirit Casino. The promotion hosted XFN 382 this past Friday, August 26, 2022. A stacked card of young guns will carry this promotion to the next level. The young guns were on full display. Devin White, Michael Billups, Shawn Gustafson, Sampson Tabbytite, and Jimmy Natividad.

Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 382 results and recap:

1) MMA 145Nick Fields vs Donte McKenzie
In a one-sided onslaught, Fields stops McKenzie TKO with a ferocious ground-and-pound at the 2:46 mark of the first round.

2) Jiu-Jitsu Match
Cara Greenwell vs Erin Longacre
Greenwell wins via RNC.

3) Kickboxing
Tater McSpadden vs Blayne Slavik
In a back and forth round 1. McFadden and Slavik both gave a beating just as good as they took it in round 1. Round 2 seen Slavik throw the better combinations but McSpadden landed the harder one shots at a time. Both men have come to get it. Wow in an all-out war. Slavik landed the cleaner of the combinations while McSpadden stuck to his one big shot at a time game plan. Slavik takes the win via Unanimous Decision in an all-out war.

4.) MMA 125lb
Jimi Natividad vs Sampson Tabbytite
An explosive 1st rnd for Natividad? Who almost stopped the fight with a big right hand. Tabbytite pace may want to pick up to keep up with Natividad. Rnd 2 Tabbytite used his range better keeping Natividad at bay, Natividad still had his moments of explosions as he would get inside and land some big shots. Tabbytite’s use of his range and keeping Natividad at bay was a game changer in rounds 2 and 3. Tabbytite use of range helped pick apart and bloody Natividads face in rounds 2 and 3. Tabbytite takes home a close Split Decision victory.

5) Kickboxing
Devin White vs Jose Montelongo
White’s movement and mobility appeared to bother the more planting style to drop heavy shots of Montelongo. White hurt Montelongo at the end of the round. Round 2 saw Montelongo press the fight more using his pressure to close the distance against White. Round 3 was an all-out war that saw both men land heavy shots and left Montelongo bleeding out his right cheek. Round 4 was another all-out war of a round. Montelongo’s heavy shots seem to be breaking down White little by little. We saw more of an all-out war in round 5. Montelongo gets his knockdown but was unable to finish White. And the New Champion Jose Montelongo by Unanimous Decision!

6) MMA Championship
Shaun Gustafson vs Michael Billups
In more of a feel-out round. Billups may have taken the round with some elbow work on the inside. Round 2 was a back-and-forth round that saw both fighters landing clean and effective shots. In round 3 an all-out war with Gustafson appeared to land the bigger shots by looking at Billups body language. Gustafson also got 2 takedowns. Round 4 was another all-out war. When Gustafson landed he changed the tempo of the fight. Billups seemed to be bothered by the resiliency of Gustafson at there at the end. In the hardest XFN fight, I’ve ever seen to have to judge. We have a draw! Billups keeps his title via draw.

Preliminary Bouts

Kickboxing 153lb
Clayton Moore vs Michael Simmons: Simmons takes the W by TKO at the 00:53 mark of the 3rd round.

Kickboxing Amateur 154 Title
Tristan Gwaltney vs Kaden Ogee: Gwaltney takes the w in an all-out war and takes the 154lb kickboxing title with a split decision victory.

Kickboxing Amateur 125lb
Gage Nolan vs Sergio Castellano: 12 Gage Nolan takes the W with a TKO at the 2:00 mark in the 2nd round.

MMA 135 lb
Dakota Jones vs Caleb Basma: Basma wins via RNC at the 1:34 mark of 2nd round.

Kickboxing 141 lb
Gavin Garcia vs Joshua Brown: Brown wins by TKO at the 2:03 mark of the 3rd round.

XFN382 was absolutely one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen the promotion do, and that’s saying a lot considering they are 2nd to none in the industry. We have seen titles change hands and dramatic finishes. Possibly new rivalries begin with Jimmy Natividad and Sampson Tabbytite, Michael Billups, and Shawn Gustafson. These young warriors were on full display and did not disappoint. This card had it all and was fireworks from start to finish. Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) will return to Paradise Cove at River Spirit Casino on October 14th as they host XFN383. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

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