Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 383 results and recap

Friday, October 14th Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 383 returned to Paradise Cove at the beautiful River Spirit Casino Resort. XFN displayed four of the best lightweight kickboxers from around the US. Former UFC veteran Luis Pena made his XFN debut by entering the Four Man Tournament, along with former XFN title holder and former tournament champion Peter “Ronin” Stanonik, James Taylor, and Demetri Miller. Former UFC and XFN veteran Bryan Foster made his awaited return for XFN 383. Also on the card XFN Middleweight Kickboxing Champion AJ Weathersby will defend his title again the always dangerous Devin White.

The full Xtreme Fight Night (XFN) 383 results include:

Main Card:

1) Middleweight Kickboxing Match
Brian Foster vs Brian Grinnell
Foster’s relentless attack was too much for Grinnell. Foster stops Grinnell with a body shot at 2:34 in the first round.

2) Lightweight Tournament
Peter Stononik vs James Taylor
Round one was a feal out round. Both fighters landed big shots. In round two Stanonik pressure seemed to be the difference maker in the round hurting Taylor a few times. In round 3, Stononik’s onslaught of offense was too much for Taylor tonight. Stononik stops Taylor in round three via TKO. Stononik moves on to the finals of the Lightweight Tournament

3) Lightweight Tournament
Luis Pena vs Demetri Miller
Pena showed there are levels to this game. Pena wins at the 49-second mark of round 1 via KO head kick.

4) Welterweight Kickboxing Bout
Will Florentino vs Cody Carrillo
Outside of Florentino landing one big punch to start the fight that was all Florentino did. Carrillo appeared to be waking up after that big shot. Carrillo applied the pressure hurting Florentino to end round one. In round two Florentino appeared more persistent with his offense. Florentino took the fight to Carrillo who appeared to be getting a little winded. In round 3, Carrillo did not want the fight to go to the judges. Carrillo came out firing and ended the fight at the beginning of round three via KO.

5) MMA Lightweight Bout
Josh Anderson vs Shea Connely
Connely dominated round one with a relentless ground game. Connely nearly sinks in the RNC at the end of round one but Anderson was saved by the bell. Rounds two and three were more of the same Connely keeping Anderson’s stand-up game to a minimum by controlling him on the ground. Connely brings home the win VIA Unanimous Decision

6) Middleweight Kickboxing Bout
AJ Weathersby vs Devin White
Weathersby came out firing from the start. Weathersby’s onslaught of offense was too much for White to handle. AJ Weathersby takes home the win at 1:51 of round one via KO.

7) Lightweight Tournament Finals
Peter Stanonik vs Luis Pena
Stononik came out in round one firing, landing the more meaningful shots. Pena appeared to be trying to feel out more of round one. Stononik’s kicks to Pena’s lead leg appeared to take it’s toll in round two. Pena appeared to struggle to rally much offense, and Stononik’s relentless offense appeared to bother Pena. In round 3 Pena came out determined to put together his offense. In a back-and-forth war, both fighters landed heavy shots often and fought to the final bell. And the NEW lightweight champion Peter Stononik wins the Lightweight tournaments over Luis Pena via split decision.

Preliminary Card:

Angelica Guzman vs Justina Filds
Guzman wins UD

9) AM Kickboxing 125
Gage Nolan vs Oscar Jaimes
Jaimes wins UD and the new 125 AM Kickboxing Champion

10) AM MMA
Sebastian Mendez vs Caleb Basma
Basma wins via RNC 33 seconds of round 1.

11) AM MMA
Gabriel Blain vs Michael Simmons
Blain wins UD

12) AM MMA
Trenton Chandler vs Brandon Vanvlek
Chandler wins KO in the 3rd round.

XFN 383 did not disappoint every fight was action-packed. XFN continues to show why they are the longest-running Combat Sports promotion in the world. XFN showed the exciting debut of Luis “Violent Bob Ross” Pena, who came up just a little bit short of being the king of the Lightweight division. Pena lost a tough decision the man they call “Ronin” Peter Stanonik. Making Stononik a two-time tournament champion. FightbookMMA wishes Stanonik a speedy and healthy recovery. The always-exciting AJ Weathersby successfully defended his XFN Middleweight Kickboxing title over Devin White. XFN 383 also saw the resurrection of a warrior as Bryan Foster opened the show as only Bryan Foster can with a big KO, possibly the KO of the night. XFN saw many resurgences in some great fighters. What a year it has been for XFN. With shows like these XFN definitely keeps putting Oklahoma on the map as a major player in the combat sports world. In other news, it was mentioned earlier this past week that Frank Mir wanted one more farewell fight but to fight on the same card as his daughter rising MMA star Bella Mir. Bella is an XFN veteran who is 1-0 inside the XFN cage and Frank Mir is also the XFN commentator. Could we see Frank Mir possibly stepping into the XFN cage for his last hooray? Who would you want Frank to go against and is there a worthy local Tulsa fighter the public would love to see or a possibility of another major MMA legend that the world would love to see him go against (leave your answers in the comments or on the FightbookMMA social media pages)?

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