Combat or fighting sport is a very progressive sport in terms of competition, entertainment and it goes hand in hand with betting. Combat provides an unmatched thrill for the fans, and for many, combat sports like kickboxing and MMA remain the most exciting games to watch. The boxing gambling community is also growing, and gambling platforms such as the mobile jackpot casino are doing everything to keep up.

One of the reasons boxing betting is popular is that combat matches rarely end in a draw. So by predicting the winning boxer, you can make yourself some bucks. Let’s look at some reasons why betting in combat sports is popular.

  • Props are one of the best bets to place in combat sports. Typically, the Moneyline rewards on who will win the fight are usually more dialed in than other exotic bets on offer. So by carefully analyzing the props of a boxing competition, you can get some value on your bets.
  • Less mature odds- combat sports are still considered new to the sport’s scene compared to other sports like soccer and basketball. Sportsbooks are yet to fully tune the wagering odds in boxing betting than the other sports. But this is good for the fans because you can find some profitable odds for boxing bets.
  • Combat is famous- combat sports have existed for centuries, and the popularity only seems to be increasing. The experience level required for the typical boxing bettor is less than in other sports like footballs since you only have to analyze two boxers. That makes boxing betting pretty straightforward to master.

Common types of combat betting

Some of the most common bets in combat sports include Moneyline, parlays, and over/under bets.

Moneyline bets

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In Moneyline bets, also known as match bets, you wager on who will win the fight, while in the over/under bets, you predict how many rounds the fight will last. With a money line bet, you have odds for each side of the matchup, and you only have to analyze the boxers and predict the winner.

Suppose you have Khabib Nurmagomedov -170 and Conor Mcgregor +140. In this case, Khabib is the favorite one denoted by the minus sign, and Conor is the underdog indicated by the plus sign.

Over/under bet

Also known as a total bet, in an over/under bet, you wager on the length of the fight.  So you need to ask yourself whether the fight will go longer or shorter than a given number of rounds. For instance, you can bet that the fight will go over 2.5rounds or under 2.5rounds.


A parlay bet in combat sports is similar to other sports. Here you pair two or more wagers to enhance your chances of a better win. For instance, you can combine a Moneyline bet and a total bet to turn them into a parlay wager. Note that you must hit all legs of the parlay for your parlay wager to be considered a win.

Round betting

With round betting, you can bet on specific rounds of the fight. It is similar to other sports like football, where you wager on the first half of the game. You can bet on a specific boxer to win the first round of the game or predict that a particular round will end in a draw. Some sportsbooks also allow people to wager on upcoming rounds in the middle of the boxing match.

Method of victory bet

Method of victory takes things a notch higher than Moneyline bets. Here you wager on how a specific fighter will win the fight, for instance, by a knockout, decision, or submission. Every boxer has different strengths of combat, so the odds will differ. An inside the distance or ITD is a method of victory bet where you predict that a fighter will win the fight before it completes all the rounds and judges go to decision.

Essential tips for betting on combat sports

Now that you know why boxing betting is profitable and some types of bets, here are some tips to help you become a seasoned punter.

Understand the odds beforehand

It is good to understand how boxing betting odds are defined and how public tendencies inform those odds. In most cases, oddsmakers usually look for ways to balance money bets on both sides of a bet, and general sentiments can cause the line to be adjusted to make things even. That is why at times, you may discover you have a side you want to wager on, but the price on the other side is too good.

Analyze the fighting styles

Analyze the fighter and consider the style of fight they bring to the ring. A smart question to ask yourself is; is a fighter’s style a good defensive or offensive matchup for their opponent?

Be wise

Don’t bet on a boxing match just because everyone is doing it. It is upon you to decide whether it is worth it to place a wager.


Last but not least, research and focus your bets on the few bets you have the most confidence in. combat may not be the most talked-about sport, but there is a lot of information online to help you analyze your boxing bets.


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